Russian Railways

Undoubtedly, hopping on a train is the most adventurous way to explore vast Russia and enjoy your eventful trip to the fullest. Being one of the largest rail networks on the planet, railways in Russia provide connections between numerous cities and towns. In fact, the Russian train system is so broad that its 9288-kilometer (57714-mile) Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok is a record holder of the longest railway on the planet! Russian trains boast modern amenities, top-notch service, and various kinds of on-board entertainment. Another advantage of choosing a train for your journey is that the Russian railways schedule features plenty of daily departures to match any travel plans. For your convenience, below, we prepared the Russian railways map and some helpful information about Russian train tickets & routes.

Overall length of rail tracks in Russia

Overall length of rail tracks in Russia: 85 281 km

Types of trains in Russia

Types of trains in Russia: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Russian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 10+

Fastest train speed in Russia

Fastest train speed of Russian trains: 250 km/h


Top Choices for Russian Train Travel

Sapsan High-Speed Train

The icon of the Russia high-speed rail, the Sapsan train, deservingly holds the title of the fastest train in the country as it runs at a speed of 250 kph (156 mph). Operated by the Russian Railways, Sapsan offers a few classes to select from and boasts great onboard amenities featuring multimedia screens, spacious leg-room, Wi-Fi access, and comfortable seats. For the entertainment of the passengers, various magazines and newspapers are also available. Moreover, this Russian speed train is the most time-saving option to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Alstom High-Speed Train

Traveling with a top speed of 220 kph (136 mph), Alstom is one of the most popular trains on the route, connecting Saint Petersburg with the Finnish capital. The train is equipped with modern facilities, including power outlets, cozy seats, and free WiFi. What is more, for the convenience of passengers, this Russian high-speed train from St. Petersburg to Helsinki has a playroom for kids and a restaurant car where snacks and beverages are sold.

Strizh High-Speed Train

Running with a speed of 120 kph (75 mph), this Russian Railways high-speed train called Swift (or Strizh in Russian) is a good choice for your trip. The train was produced by Talgo, a Spanish manufacturer, to provide its travelers with maximum comfort. Swift offers several coach classes suitable for any budget and is equipped with modern amenities, including spacious seats, power sockets, air-conditioning, and even individual heating control.


Often Asked Questions About Russian Train Journeys

How and where to buy Russian train tickets?

Instead of standing in endless queues, save your time and buy train tickets online. Using the Rail Ninja service, you can browse the train timetables and easily book tickets to Russia.

How far in advance can you book Russian train tickets?

While planning your Russian train trip, you should know that on Rail Ninja you can book your Russian train tickets online as far as two years in advance before the chosen date of travel. We recommend booking your tickets early as you can get ahold of better seats.

How to choose seats on Russian trains?

If you decide to book tickets on Rail Ninja, we guarantee to assign the best available seat to you. While making a reservation, you can indicate your preferences.

Types of trains in Russia

There are three main types of trains operating on Russian rails, including overnight, regular, and high-speed trains. Moreover, in some cities, such as Moscow, there are Aeroexpress trains connecting airports to the city center, as well as branded and luxury overnight trains which mostly available on long-distance routes.

Classes of trains in Russia

Generally, Russian trains have at least two travel classes to select from which are often referred to as Business and Economy class (or First and Second class). Russian night trains also offer sleeper cars of different categories, ranging from budget low-comfort 3rd class sleepers called "Platzkart" to comfortable 1st class sleeper cabins for 2 passengers called "SV" (which are the best option to travel on Russian overnight train). The number of offered Russian train classes depends on the chosen type of train.

Main train stations in the Russian capitals

The Russian rail network is famous for being one of the most extensive train systems in the world. Speaking about the capitals, there are three main train stations in Moscow featuring Kazanski, Yaroslavski, and Leningradsky stations that are easily accessible by public transport, including the metro. The main railway station in Saint Petersburg is the Moskovsky station, located in the heart of the city. In the Venice of the North trains also depart from Vitebsky, Ladozhsky, Finland, and Baltijsky stations.

What are the size and weight limitations for luggage on the Russian trains?

In most cases, the general weight of your luggage must be up to 36 kg and each bag must not exceed 180 cm in its size (the sum of length, width, and height). Please keep in mind that the quantity of allowed carry-on luggage depends on the type of train you're traveling on.

Do Russian trains have WiFi?

The availability of Wi-Fi access depends on the chosen type of train. Unfortunately, the majority of Russian trains don't have Wi-Fi.

Is it safe to travel by train in Russia?

Train travel in Russia is a convenient option to explore this amazing country. All Russian trains are designed to meet modern standards and are one of the safest ways to get around.


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