Lenina Sq., 6, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Opened in 1870, the Finlyandsky (or Finland railway station) is the Russian gate to Scandinavia and the station from which high-speed Alstom trains make their way to the Finnish capital, Helsinki. After its reconstruction dedicated to the jubilee of Saint Petersburg in 2003, the renewed Finlyandsky Station provides cross-border and domestic connections, including trips to the amazing Russian city of Petrozavodsk to which travelers from all over the world come to see the unique open-air museum, impressive Kizhi Island. What is more, the station is well-known as the arrival point of Vladimir Lenin from Germany in 1917 and the place where he gave his legendary speech to start the October Revolution. In front of the station, you can find a memorial erected in honor of this iconic event and train #293 that got Lenin back to Russia.

Getting Around the Finlyandsky Train Station

Being a legendary Soviet remnant, the Finlyandsky "vokzal", as it is pronounced in Russian, endures as a place of historical significance. Eager to learn more about the eventful history of the station and get some useful tips about getting around? Watch the video below and find out about the past of the Finlyandsky railway station.



What to Know About the Finlyandsky Train Station


How to get to the Finlyandsky railway station?

Taking into consideration the frequent traffic jams on the Saint Petersburg roads, the metro is the fastest way to reach the Finlyandsky station, especially during rush hour. The closest underground station is "Ploshchad Lenina" meaning Lenin's Square, which belongs to the red line. You can also get to the station using surface transport, including buses, trolleybuses, and trams.

What to find on the Finlyandsky train station?

Inside the Finlyandsky station complex, you find some cafes and shops, information desks, left luggage facilities, ticket offices, ATMs, bathrooms, as well as a first-aid post.

Is there free WiFi at the Finlyandsky station?

For the convenience of passengers, free WiFi is available throughout the Finlyandsky train station.


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