st. Vorovskogo, 33, Kazan, Russia

Although the official name of the station is Vosstania Passengers, you are muchmore likely to hear locals refering to it as New Station or North Railway station during your stay in Kazan. Opened in 2012, Vosstania Passengers is a modern station serving trains to Moscow, Simferopol', Ulan-Ude, and Yekaterinburg, as well as other major Russian cities. This rail hub is housed in the same building as the city's bus station and has direct access to a subway station. This joined transport hub is called Kazan-2. 



Getting Around Kazan Vosstania Passengers Station


How to Get to Kazan Vosstania station?

The railway hub boasts a great location in one of the most beautiful districts of the city and the easiest way to reach it is to take a metro train. The subway station Severny Vokzal (North Station) is joined with the railway complex.

How many platforms and tracks does the station have?

The station boasts a quite impressive size and has 3 platforms and 4 tracks.


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