The Perks of Traveling by Australian Railway

Australia is a unique place, a beautiful country that takes up a whole continent. It's home to one-of-a-kind flora and fauna, striking landscapes, and some of the most spectacular railway routes on the planet, so you can't go wrong by choosing to travel through the scenic island onboard a modern train. This way, you can not just admire the views while enjoying excellent service and impeccable comfort, but also rest assured, knowing that your trip is going to go without a hitch as Australian trains are famous for their punctuality and fast travel times. Below, we've gathered some useful information about the Australian railway as well as answered some popular questions on the topic.

Overall length of rail tracks in Australia

Overall length of rail tracks in Australia: 36,064 km/22,409 mi

Types of trains in Australia

Types of trains in Australia: long-distance, regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Australian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8+

Fastest train speed in Australia

Fastest train speed of Australia trains: 210 km/h


Top Choices for Australia Journeys

Express Passenger Train

Modern high-speed train is among the smartest options to take if you plan to travel through Australia. These high-speed trains are an excellent example of what modern trains should be like, boasting fast travel times, great onboard amenities, and excellent service. The travelers are welcome to choose between second-class (Economy) and first-class (Business) seating, although you can rest assured that both offer everything you need for a great journey.


Commonly Asked Questions About Australia Train Travel


What is the fastest train in Australia?

That will be an Electric Tilt train. As a rule, it operates at the top speed of 160 km/h (about 100 mph), although tests showed that the train's top possible speed is approximately 210 km/h (130 mph). An XPT train mentioned above is a very close second in regards to the top-speed results, also providing excellent onboard amenities and great service during the journey.

Types of trains in Australia: what should I know?

The country boasts a very developed railway network, offering several types of train connections. The most popular types are urban rail (such as metro trains and city trams), long-distance tourist trains (including Indian Pacific, The Ghan, and The Overland) and passenger routes, and high-speed trains.

What is the biggest train station in Australia?

This honorable title goes to the Central Railway Station, nestled in the heart of Sydney, one of the most striking Australian cities. The railway complex is huge, boasting 25 in-use platforms (2 more under construction) and welcoming over 330 000 people every day. As you can imagine, inside, the station boasts excellent facilities, providing everything you need for a comfortable journey, as well as top-class service.

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