Traveling Europe and the world by train is very convenient not to mention extremely exciting. The broad rail networks on continents like Europe and Asia are very developed offering easy transit between the cities and countries. With a wide range of train types to choose from (overnight, high-speed, luxury, double deckers, etc.) there’s no place in you won’t reach by train. Nevertheless, making connections and being prepared for such rail adventures can often be tricky. But don't worry, Rail Ninja has got you covered here. Find out the answers to frequently asked questions and read our general tips on how to travel by train in Europe and around the globe:

Traveling by train is a lot safer than by any other means of transport, especially during the global pandemic. Choosing this type of transportation minimizes your chances of getting infected as you won't need to ride on a crowded bus to get to the airport, you won't queue for check-in or wait around at the gates. And that's just the beginning of your trip, as a long trip onboard the crowded plane awaits. There's a better way to travel!

Planning is key when you are orchestrating your Germany vacation by yourself, and one of the primal matters to decide is what is the best way to travel around the country. Let's have a look at the most popular options and find out: is it smarter to travel Germany by rail, bus, plane, or rental car?
Travel Spain and Portugal by train and soak up the awe-inspiring sceneries along the way. Spain and Portugal itinerary by train consists of not only spectacular views but some of the most iconic cities, authentic towns, and one-of-a-kind monuments ready for you to be discovered!
Traveling to a single destination requires a lot of planning and thinking in advance. You need to figure out the logistics like how you will get there, spend the night, where you will eat, and what you will do. But wait, did we hear you say you want to visit a few cities in a single trip? Well, planning just got a little more complicated. However, it will still be very manageable if you follow our tips for arranging a multi-city trip in Europe.
Nowadays some people believe that the era of train travel is almost gone, and planes are the future of local and international travel. So, why thousands of people today choose in favor of traveling by railway? Let's have a closer look at the advantages of а train ride in Europe and Asia!
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We recommend to print out the E-tickets. It is not obligatory to print them, yet you must have the ticket in any form, be it a printed E-ticket or a downloaded version of it on your phone/tablet/etc.
We always assign seats when issuing train tickets and take into consideration the seat preference indicated by you as well as the current train availability. If you are traveling with someone, we will allocate your seats together.
Smoking is strictly prohibited on board European trains, this includes electronic cigarettes. Moreover, it is not allowed to smoke on most train platforms and rail stations as they're public spaces.
Most European trains are fitted with either a restaurant car or a buffet, where you can buy hot meals, snacks, and drinks. Plus car attendants carry carts with snacks and drinks for purchase.