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Is Rail Ninja legitimate? Is it trustworthy? And how do I get my tickets? Find out answers on the most asked questions about Rail Ninja below. And if you're still having trouble booking train tickets to Europe, don't hesitate to contact us as our Rail Ninja Support Team will be happy to assist you and quickly provide you with their professional expertise. We've got your back!


When will I get my ticket?

Whenever you purchase a ticket on Rail Ninja, we attempt to issue your tickets as soon as they become available on a train company's website. What is more, we provide an estimated date of ticket download date for extra peace of mind. However, please keep in mind that our team might sometimes receive an overwhelming influx of orders, so you might receive tickets a bit later than estimated. Still, we process tickets by priority in this scenario, depending on the departure date. So you can rest assured that your tickets will be issued in time for your departure. We appreciate your patience and understanding! Is your travel date approaching, and your tickets are not issued yet? Contact us

How to get my ticket?

To get your ticket, you first need to purchase it on! If you did, then log in to your account, and you will be able to see the status of your booking. Bear in mind that you might need to wait closer to your departure date for the tickets to be issued if you booked way in advance. Once the tickets are issued, you can get the tickets from your account on Rail Ninja or find them in your email inbox. You can also use this link to retrieve your ticket.

What's the luggage allowance?

One of the best things about traveling on a train is taking your luggage with you, as there are no strict limits on how much luggage a traveler is allowed to bring on board. But for passengers not to get carried away, it is recommended to have carry-on luggage of no more than 36 kg, the sum of dimensions should not exceed 180 cm. Depending on the size of your luggage, you can store your luggage either on the shelf above your seat or in the luggage storage spots located at the end, middle, or front of each car.

Is Rail Ninja trustworthy?

Rail Ninja has been providing tickets for travelers since 2016 and has issued over a million rail tickets since the company's launch. Being able to book tickets in your preferred language, currency, and payment method and do it all in advance puts Rail Ninja among the world's top train ticket booking services. Many travelers have shown trust in the train ticket booking service and not only purchased tickets for their journey but also shared their opinion publicly. You can check the satisfaction scores of Rail Ninja on third-party review platforms such as Trustpilot and Google reviews.

Is booking with Rail Ninja safe?

Yes, all tickets booked with Rail Ninja are valid, and unlike other rail companies, we have a real human support team ready to assist. In addition, every booking made on Rail Ninja goes through an anti-fraud check, making sure none can use a stolen card to purchase tickets. This process sometimes requires customers to provide a code to confirm the verification after booking tickets, but it's vital for ensuring safety procedures.

How reliable is Rail Ninja?

Rail Ninja is committed to providing excellent service and, for that reason, has a team of over 200 team members assisting clients from various offices around the world, including European destinations like Lithuania, Malta, Serbia, Switzerland, and beyond - the United States, Hong Kong, and Australia. Travelers can reach out to the customer service team creating a case here.

Is Rail Ninja legit?

If you wonder if Rail Ninja is legitimate - the short answer is yes! We provide genuine customer support and issue only valid tickets to all our customers. Over the last few years, we have extended our service beyond Europe and offered tickets for North America, South America, Australia, and the most popular routes in Asia. While this rapid expansion sometimes causes glitches in our system, we always strive to maintain excellent customer service standards and ensure all our clients get their tickets in time.


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