Did you know that Great Britain is home to the oldest railway system on the planet? The first public England railway opened back in 1825 and was locomotive-hauled. Since then, British rail was constantly expanding and developing to meet the constantly growing demand for train travel in England. Nowadays, British trains are fast, comfortable, and safe, making taking the UK rail one of the easiest and most popular ways to travel between the major cities of Great Britain. What is more, apart from being convenient transportation means, traveling by train in England, Wales, and Scotland is among the best ways to admire the mesmerizing beauty of these incredible countries. And don't forget that the United Kingdom is home to probably the most famous rail station in the world, Kings Cross Train Station!

Overall length of rail tracks in Britain

Overall length of rail tracks in Britain: 16,200 km / 10,066 mi

Types of trains in Britain

Types of trains in Britain: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of British routes sold on Rail Ninja: 15+

Fastest train speed in Britain

Fastest train speed of British trains: 300 km/h


Top Choices for Britain Rail Journeys

Eurostar High-Speed Train

The high-speed Eurostar trains are among the most comfortable ways reaching France, Belgium or Netherlands from the picturesque United Kingdom. They boast the top speed of 320 kph (199 mph). All bullet Eurostar trains are comfortable and offer everything you might need for a worry-free ride, including spacious cabins, comfortable seats, and generous luggage space. Most trains even offer free Wi-Fi.

Thus, choosing Britain Rails you get the best experience while traveling this fabulous country.


Commonly Asked Questions About Rail Travel in the UK

Does the UK have a high-speed rail?

The British rail map boasts an impressive number of routes and 5 high-speed rail lines, connecting most of the major British cities. The work on developing England's train system and increasing the number of high-speed lines is underway.

Where can you go by train in England?

The UK rail map covers all major English cities, such as London, Leeds, York, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, and Manchester as well as other significant British cities, including Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. What is more, the England rail map boasts a number of international routes available, including trains to France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

What is the busiest train station in England?

The title of "The Busiest Rail Station in England" for many years goes to London Waterloo, welcoming more than 94 million travelers every year (not counting interchanges).

What is the oldest train station in England?

The first intercity railway station that used steam locomotives was Liverpool's Crown Street, opened to the public on September 15, 1830, and demolished 6 years later. The oldest train station still in use is the Broad Green in Liverpool, opened on September 17, 1830.

How soon can you reserve a seat on British rail?

A preplanned trip is always less stressful (and expensive) than a spontaneous journey. The Rail Ninja service allows booking British rail tickets for up to 2 years prior to your trip, making planning your holiday in advance very easy.

Why are trains so expensive in the UK?

Yes, train travel in the UK is not the cheapest way to make a journey through the beautiful country, but top-notch service is never cheap. The price of rail tickets in England not only covers comfortable seats but also offers clean and spacious cabins with plenty of luggage space and great onboard amenities. Taking a high-speed train also allows you to save time. Opting for a train ride is a sure way to avoid being stuck in traffic or having to lose time at the airport, waiting for the departure. Taking it all into account, the train tickets in the UK provide excellent value for the money.


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