Things to Know About German Rail

Majestic Germany is one of the most fascinating European countries. Holding amazing natural landscapes, unique culture, historical traditions, and a well-developed railway network, the country turns into a great destination to discover by train. Germany railway network boasts modern and fast trains with impeccable service and comfort. Another wonderful advantage of Germany trains is extensive schedules and fast travel times, so you can reach almost every corner of the country quickly and worry-free. To make you meet a situation head-on, here we heedfully gathered detailed information about the Germany railway and answered some frequently asked questions on the topic as well!

Overall length of rail tracks in Germany

Overall length of rail tracks in Germany: 41,315 km/25,672 mi

Types of trains in Germany

Types of trains in Germany: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Germany routes sold on Rail Ninja: 15+

Fastest train speed in Germany

Fastest train speed of Germany trains: 300 kmh/186 mph


Top Choices for German Train Travel

EuroCity High-Speed Train

EuroCity bullet train is a perfect option for long-distance train travel in Germany. This modern high-speed train serves international rail routes to many European countries like Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. For your convenience, there a few travel classes, all of them include air-conditioning, comfortable seats with generous legroom, and spacious luggage areas.

Railjet High-Speed Train

Operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB), Railjet is the best thing since sliced bread. These trains take a leading position among travelers who plan to go beyond Germany. Railjet high-speed trains serve 6 routes in Germany, connecting it with Austria. Passengers are offered several classes to choose from and can enjoy all modern amenities on board, including cozy seats, individual power sockets, free Wi-Fi, and special areas for your luggage.

Railjet Xpress Train

OBB Railjet Xpress is the fastest service train, which connects Austria with neighboring countries. From Germany, Railjet Xpress serves Munich - Salzburg and Munich - Vienna routes that can be reached in 2 and 4 hours. To ensure passengers' comfort, RJX offers 3 coach classes, an onboard restaurant, spacious and cozy seats, bicycle spaces, and free Wi-Fi.

Nightjet Overnight Train

Traveling on a night train is one of the greatest ways to explore Europe. Nightjet Overnight train is one of the most comfortable overnight trains, operated by OBB, the Austrian Federal Railways. Being equipped according to nowadays standards, this night train offers maximum comfort for the passengers. Nightjet has 3 travel classes: sleeper, couchette, and seated coaches. If you're feeling hungry, there's always a restaurant car. In addition, in some cars, there is a special place for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles.

InterCity-Express Train

Modern, safe, and comfortable DB Intercity-Express (ICE) is a great way to discover Germany and its neighboring countries. Comfortable seating with large legroom, free Wi-Fi, zones for using mobile phones or quiet travel, individual sockets, and onboard catering make this train one of the most pleasant travel experiences. On long-distance routes, it reaches a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour (200 mph).

InterCity Train

A cousin of DB's InterCity-Express, Intercity train offers a great connection between Germany's major cities as well as neighboring European countries. Air-conditioned compartments, onboard food and drinks, and travel speed of up to 200 km/h (124 mph) are to provide every traveler with convenience and fast service.

Czech Railways Train

Czech Railways trains provide regional and long-distance services, connecting the Czech Republic with many European countries. Serving Munich - Prague and Prague - Dresden routes, Czech Railways provide fastness and comfort for your journey. In total, all CR trains provide up to 9 travel classes, modern onboard amenities, and a good opportunity to travel to the magnificent Czech Republic from Germany.

Thalys Train

Thalys trains are your gates to France from Germany. Thalys high-speed trains provide everything you may need during your journey. With 3 coach classes, comfortable onboard amenities include electrical outlets, free Wi-Fi, spacious luggage storage, cozy seats, and a snack bar. All this makes your trip ultimately pleasant and enjoyable.

EuroNight Trains

In addition to its own Nightjet, OBB offers further night trains throughout Europe. This opportunity is made in cooperation with OBB's European partner railways. They operate coaches and services, providing a comfortable travel experience. Besides standard onboard amenities, a trip on EuroNight train always includes breakfast.

PKP Intercity Train

The InterCity brand presents modern, comfortable, and safe trains. Besides domestic routes, PKP IC trains also serve international destinations including Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Germany, and many others. Onboard the PKP Intercity train, you can enjoy carriages with comfortable seats, air-conditioning, and onboard toilet systems. Modern amenities also include electric sockets and automatic doors. PKP Intercity trains strive to give the opportunity to travel in comfort to everybody: the modern carriages can be accessed by people with disabilities, passengers traveling with small children, or bicycles.


Commonly Asked Questions About Rail Travel in Germany

What is the fastest train in Germany?

The Intercity Express trains are the fastest trains in Germany. They are capable of reaching speeds of 320 km/p (200 mph), which makes a 616 km-ride from north Berlin to south Munich only a 4-hour ride! Besides, the trains provide wonderful onboard amenities so you have a perfect train journey experience.

How many train stations are there in Germany?

There are about 5,400 railway stations in Germany. All of them are owned and operated by DB Station & Service, the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary. To denote the stations’ level of service, they are divided into seven categories.

What is the largest train station in Germany?

Leipzig Hauptbahnhof is not only the largest train station in Germany but also in entire Europe by floor area. Being the central railway terminus in Leipzig, it takes 83,460 square meters and has 19 overground platforms. In addition, it is also very popular as a large shopping center.


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