Австрийские железные дороги

When it comes to transportation and connections, traveling by train is, without a doubt, one of the best options for your Austria exploration! The modern Austrian rail network boasts an extensive schedule offering numerous daily departures, making planning your upcoming travel easy. Moreover, Austria trains connect not only all major cities of the country but also operate on over 30 different routes between Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Czechia, Switzerland, and other destinations in Europe.

Overall length of rail tracks in Austria

Общая протяженность железнодорожных путей в Австрии: 6 123 км

Types of trains in Austria

Типы поездов в Австрии: обычные & высокоскоростные

Number of routes we sell

Количество Австрийских маршрутов, проданных на Rail Ninja: 30+

Fastest train speed in Austria

Самая высокая скорость австрийских поездов: 230 км/ч



Австрия Железнодорожная карта