COVID-19 Update: Cancelations and Modifications

Our team is working hard to assist all customers impacted by the lock-downs as governments struggle to contain the coronavirus. Our priorities are to support our customers, who are now traveling, and to offer customers, who are not yet traveling, all possible options to modify their plans. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

If your train is canceled due to quarantine measures
All cancelation fees will be waived
Please click Cancel button on your Ticket order
If you would like to change your tickets
We can modify tickets for the exact date or postpone your booking to a later date. We will then cancel your tickets and issue a voucher (see below how it works)
If you know a new travel date, use the Modify button on your ticket Order. If you don’t know new travel date, please request to Postpone your booking by email: [email protected]
If you would like to cancel your tickets
Standard cancellation fees will apply. However, we recommend to wait until a few weeks before your departure - if quarantine is extended, all fees will be waived
Please click Cancel button on your Ticket order
How to access your ticket order on our website?
  • Sign in through our website to access all your orders 

  • Click on the link in Confirmation email that we sent.
How voucher works?

We will cancel your tickets and issue you a voucher for the full amount of your booking less our ticketing fees. We will cover all cancelation fees by a rail carrier. Vouchers will be valid for one year from the original date of travel and can be used on our website to book any new tickets.