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Gyeongju to Seoul Train Information

If you are planning to travel through South Korea, taking a high-speed train is surely among the most convenient options to choose for the job. Famously, this amazing country boasts a very developed railway network linking all the major population centers. And train from Gyeongju to Seoul is among the best option to opt for as high-speed KTX (Korea Train Express) trains are serving this route. They offer great onboard amenities, such as comfortable seats, modern bathroom facilities, and vending machines. Plus, all KTX trains boast incredibly short travel time and offer up to 16 departures a day.

Which train station in Gyeongju goes to Seoul?

You can find your Gyeongju to Seoul high-speed train at Singyeongju Station, Hwacheon-ri, Geoncheon-eup. Take the line 70 bus to get to the station. The trip will take approximately 26 minutes.

Is there a high-speed train from Gyeongju to Seoul?

High-speed trains go from Gyeongju to Seoul every hour starting from 05:21 am. Having all the necessary onboard services passengers need and travel time of 1 hour 56 minutes, KTX high-speed train is a perfect option for convenient travel.

Gyeongju to Seoul Train Review & Rating

Very happy that I decided to travel on a train, it didn't take long to arrive to Seoul.

Donna K. about traveling from Gyeongju to Seoul