Shortest travel time:
55 m
Longest travel time:
1 h 50 m
Lowest train ticket cost:
Avg. daily departures:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
Although Roma Termini is the main railway station in Rome, it's far from being the only one. Find out what are the major train stations in Italy's capital.
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Rome train stations
Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185, Rome, Italy
00162 Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy
00154, Rome, Italy
186 km
Naples train stations
Naples Centrale
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 80142, Naples, Italy
Afragola AV
80021 Afragola, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy, Afragola, Italy

Rome to Naples Train Information

When traveling around Italy, one of the wisest choices you can make in terms of transportation for your intercity connections is rail. As such, the high-speed train from Rome to Naples offers a fast time-saving solution and great onboard comfort for a reasonable price. You can find answers to popular questions about the Rome - Naples train route below. Make the most of your Italy trip with the innovative trip planner. Let your imagination get the best of you with Italy itinerary builder. Mix the amazing sights into one trip and get ready to dive into the Italy charms!

How to get from Rome to Naples by train?

If you're wondering which train station in Rome goes to Naples, you should know that the trains running between these cities depart from the Rome Termini Station and arrive at the Central Station in Naples. You can easily reach both any time of day as they are located in the very hearts of the towns. Plus, there are over 10 departure times available every day to select from, making planning your travel easy.

Is there a high speed train from Rome to Naples?

The most popular bullet train from Rome to Naples is the high-speed Italo train. This modern and fast train is renown for being outstandingly equipped as well as for its short trip durations.

Which train company departs from the Rome, Italy airport to Naples, Italy?

First and foremostly, it is worth knowing that there is no direct train connecting either of the Rome airports with Naples. You need to make your way to the Rome Termini Station (on a train, for instance) and then change trains to take the fast train from Rome to Naples. Both the Italo trains as well as Trenitalia trains (like Frecciarossa or Intercity) run on this route.

How long is the train ride from Rome to Naples?

As a rule, the train ride from Rome to Naples takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The train usually travels directly from one station to the other with no stops in between.

How far in advance to book a train ticket from Rome to Naples?

Because Italy is a popular travel destination, the demand for transportation tickets is high, especially during the peak season. To get ahold of best seats and rates, it is smart to take care of your Rome to Naples train ticket bookings ahead of time as opposed to last-minute.

How much is the train ticket from Rome to Naples?

The prices for train tickets from Rome to Naples differ based on selected coach class, availability, proximity to departure, as well as several other factors. In general, the fare starts from 45 USD per ticket.

Rome to Naples Train Timetable

Train type
Fastest trip
Longest trip
Morning trains
1 hrs 12 min
1 hrs 39 min
Afternoon trains
1 hrs 1 min
1 hrs 46 min
Evening trains
58 min
1 hrs 50 min
Night trains
1 hrs 13 min
1 hrs 43 min

Trains on Rome - Naples Route

Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Bullet train
55 min
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Rome to Naples Train Review & Rating

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