357 km
Departure station:
405 Hangang-daero, Bongnaedong 2(i)-ga, Yongsan-gu, , Seoul, South Korea
Arrival station:
Kwangju, Buk-gu, Jungheung-dong, 611, Gwangju, South Korea
1003-1 Songjeong-dong, Gwangju, South Korea
Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Bullet train
1 hrs 45 min

If you're planning on traveling from Seoul to Gwangju, you should know that a bullet train run by KTX is the most convenient option to take off. Unlike airports, train stations provide a comfortable location within the city line. Another undeniable advantage of this railway journey is speed: the train takes you from Seoul Central Station to Gwangju-Songjeong Station in Gwangju in about 2 hours, making it is the fastest way to move between the towns. With an online booking & expert advice platform Rail Ninja, you can check the high-speed trains schedule from Seoul to Gwangju, offering about 10 daily departures, and book your train tickets in a few clicks.


How do I get from Seoul to Gwangju?

If you decide to get from Seoul to Gwangju by rail, your train will depart from Seoul Central station. Noted for their exceptional punctuality, KTX trains operated by Korail always run on time, so you reach the Gwangju-Songjeong station in just 2 hours! Thanks to the central location of the station, you can start your sightseeing tour immediately upon arrival.

Is there a high-speed train from Seoul to Gwangju?

Yes, Seoul to Gwangju rail line is well served by KTX high-speed trains which have gained popularity among travelers due to the short duration of the ride and great onboard comfort.

Timetable & Train information

Lowest train ticket cost:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
Shortest travel time:
1 hrs 45 min
Longest travel time:
2 hrs 4 min