Shortest travel time:
2 h 47 m
Longest travel time:
9 h 6 m
Lowest train ticket cost:
Avg. daily departures:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
Amsterdam train stations
Centraal station
Stationsplein, 1012 AB, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Sloterdijk
Radarweg 1043, Amsterdam, Netherlands
173 km
Brussels train stations
47B Avenue Fonsny 1060, Brussels, Belgium
Brussels - North Station
Boulevard Roi Albert II, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Brussels - South Station
Rue de France / Frankrijkstraat, 1060 Brussels, Belgium
Carrefour de l'Europe / Europakruispunt 2 B-1000 City of Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region Belgium, Brussels, Belgium

Amsterdam to Brussels Train Information

Among the most comfortable ways to travel between colorful Amsterdam and unforgettable Brussels is onboard a modern bullet train. The Amsterdam - Brussels railway route boasts the Thalys trains, an embodiment of everything high-speed modern trains are. They are light and spacious, offer great onboard amenities, such as comfortable seats, big windows, generous legroom, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, as well as electric sockets. As a rule, during the ride onboard a train from Amsterdam to Brussels, you can buy snacks and drinks in the restaurant cars.

Is there a direct train from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Yes, you can travel between the unforgettable Netherlands and breathtaking Belgium by a direct bullet train that can cover the Amsterdam to Brussels distance of 173 km (107 mi) in an astonishingly short time.

Is there a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Brussels?

There are several train operators to choose from on the route, but, undoubtedly, the most time-saving way to travel between the cities is onboard a Thalys train. The Amsterdam to Belgium’s Brussels trains are famous for their punctuality, top-notch amenities, and, most importantly, an amazingly short travel time.

How long is the train ride from Amsterdam to Brussels?

As mentioned above, the overall Amsterdam to Brussels train time is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes, making it one of the fastest ways to travel between the cities.

How to get from Amsterdam to Brussels on a train?

As any train adventure, your journey starts with buying the train tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels. Of course, nothing stops you from purchasing them on the railway station before departure, but taking into account the possibility of the already sold-out tickets, language barrier, and losing precious time queuing, it doesn’t seem like a very wise choice. The Rail Ninja service, on the other hand, allows you to buy a train ticket in a matter of several mouse clicks, saving your time. The tickets for the Amsterdam to Brussels train cost something in the range of 150 - 200 USD per person, depending on what class you prefer, how much in advance you order your ticket, and so on. Your Amsterdam - Brussels train ride starts at the Amsterdam Centraal Station where you can catch a modern bullet train, going all the way to the colorful capital of Belgium. You arrive at the Midi Station, located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by public transport.

Amsterdam to Brussels Train Timetable

Train type
Fastest trip
Longest trip
Morning trains
2 hrs 48 min
4 hrs 33 min
Afternoon trains
2 hrs 48 min
3 hrs 35 min
Evening trains
2 hrs 48 min
3 hrs 35 min
Night trains
2 hrs 47 min
9 hrs 6 min

Trains on Amsterdam - Brussels Route

Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
IC (BeNe)
IC (BeNe)
Train with 2 changes
3 hrs 34 min
Bullet train
2 hrs 47 min
9.2 / 10 based on 38 reviews

Amsterdam to Brussels Train Review & Rating

Decided to visit Brussels spontaneously and took the Thalys train, it was a pleasant surprise from start to finish

Molly F. about traveling from Amsterdam to Brussels