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Bergen to Oslo Train Information

The Bergen to Oslo train is among the most popular rail routes in Norway, connecting the two often-visited cities. The way from Bergen to Oslo is an adventure of its own as the train passes numerous scenic fjords, lakes, traditional Scandinavian villages, and opens incredible picturesque views of the countryside throughout the way. Interestingly, the route is actually considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in entire Europe and in the world. The Bergen Oslo railway journey may seem like a long one at first but the views outside the train window make it one that's worth it. What is more, the trains are comfortable, well-fitted, and offer modern amenities to make for a pleasant trip. And don't forget that you are can enhance any trip and explore the incredible diversity of Norway travel destinations with Triptile. Choose among the most amazing attractions and vacation spots and plan your Norway trip in a matter of a few clicks!

What is the best way to travel from Bergen to Oslo?

The fastest way to move between these two outstanding cities is taking a direct express train. Since there are at least 4 daily trains departing from Oslo S station to Bergen, you can easily choose the most convenient option.

Is the train ride from Bergen to Oslo scenic?

The magnificent scenery you get to see on your way to the final destination is definitely worth the trip. Breathtaking landscapes dotted with roaring waterfalls, tranquil lakes, endless green meadows, and snow-sprinkled mountains make Bergen to Oslo rail line a great introduction to the impressive natural world of Western Norway.

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Bergen to Oslo Train Review & Rating

It was the most fantastic train journey I’ve ever experienced!

John N. about traveling from Bergen to Oslo