Shortest travel time:
5 h 16 m
Longest travel time:
11 h 9 m
Lowest train ticket cost:
Avg. daily departures:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
There are several rail hubs in charming Copenhagen. Check out the links below, to learn more useful information about train stations in Copenhagen.
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Copenhagen train stations
Copenhagen Central Station
Bernstorffsgade 16 - 22, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark
Port of Copenhagen
DFDS Copenhagen Terminal, Dampfærgevej 30, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
523 km
Read everything you need to know about the most significant train stations in Stockholm, the selection of amenities, and offered rail services.
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Stockholm train stations
Stockholm Central station
Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm City station
Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Sodra station
Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden

Copenhagen to Stockholm Train Information

The fast Copenhagen to Stockholm train is a wise choice to travel between the capitals of Denmark and Sweden. The train ride takes approximately 5 hours and there are up to 6 departures every day to choose from. Among the greatest perks of the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm apart from the great onboard amenities is that the departure and arrival locations of the rail stations are in the city-centers, thus saving time and making it easy to get around. The SJ trains are modern and well-equipped, they have spacious seats, air-conditioning, free WiFi, and areas for luggage. The train also has a Bistro car where you can purchase food and beverages. Read more about the SJ high-speed train. Apart from arranging all connections, creating a perfect route is an inseparable part of any trip planning. Let your imagination get the best of you with Scandivania itinerary builder. Mix the amazing sights into one trip and get ready to dive into the Scandivania charms!


Is there a direct train from Copenhagen to Stockholm?

Yes, SJ trains provide direct rail connection between these outstanding Scandinavian destinations, so that the whole trip will take you around 5 hours.

Is the train ride from Copenhagen to Stockholm scenic?

If you are looking for a chance to witness the Scandinavia region's incomparable charm on your way to the selected destination, train travel is definitely among the top choices. Copenhagen to Stockholm rail route takes you through some of the most beautiful areas of Sweden and Denmark, making the entire trip 100% worth it!

Copenhagen to Stockholm Train Timetable

Train type
Fastest trip
Longest trip
Morning trains
5 hrs 16 min
5 hrs 33 min
Afternoon trains
5 hrs 17 min
5 hrs 31 min
Evening trains
5 hrs 35 min
11 hrs 9 min

Trains on Copenhagen - Stockholm Route

Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
High-speed train
5 hrs 16 min
Train with 1 change
5 hrs 27 min
Train with 2 changes
11 hrs 9 min

Copenhagen to Stockholm Train Review & Rating

SJ trains are a great choice. Fast and efficient.

Samuel Kornwell about traveling from Copenhagen to Stockholm