Shortest travel time:
2 h 18 m
Longest travel time:
5 h 56 m
Lowest train ticket cost:
Avg. daily departures:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
Seoul train station
Seoul Station
405 Hangang-daero, Bongnaedong 2(i)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
417 km
Busan train stations
Busan Central
Jungang-daero, Choryang 3(sam)-dong, Dong-gu, Busan, South Korea
Busan Airport terminal
108 Gonghangjinip-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Seoul to Busan Train Information

South Korea is a destination which is gaining more and more popularity among travelers worldwide. As such, making your way from Seoul to Busan on a modern KTX bullet train has recently become somewhat of a route classic, taking you across the country from north to south in record-fast travel times. Among the simplest ways to get around in Korea is taking fast and modern trains, below we have put together answers to commonly asked questions about the Seoul - Busan rail route.

How long does it take from Seoul to Busan by bullet train KTX?

The shortest Seoul to Busan train time is 2 hours 15 minutes. The longest ride takes about 3 hours 25 minutes. The KTX train has an extensive rail schedule and provides more than 20 daily departure times, starting from around 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Is there a direct train between Seoul and Busan?

The KTX Seoul to Busan train is a direct high-speed travel option, requiring no train changes. It makes a limited number of scheduled short stops along the way and is the most convenient transportation mode between the cities, noted for its short travel time and comfortable amenities.

How to book train tickets from Seoul to Busan?

Apart from the option of purchasing tickets from the ticket desks or special automated machines directly at the rail stations in South Korea (which sell tickets only as far as 1 month in advance), the best way to get tickets is online. Here on Rail Ninja, we offer you the opportunity to easily book tickets for the high-speed KTX Seoul to Busan train as early as 1 year in advance.

Do you need to book a train ticket for Seoul-Busan in advance?

The Seoul - Busan train route is the most popular one in entire South Korea, and for this reason, in order to safeguard yourself from no or little availability for the date and time of travel that you prefer, it is wise to book your rail tickets well ahead of time. On Rail Ninja, you may book South Korea train tickets online for travel dates that are as far as one year ahead.

How much is a train ticket from Seoul to Busan?

The KTX Seoul to Busan price for tickets depends on several things, including the type of chosen travel class, the day of the week the train is departing, as well as on whether you're buying tickets in advance or last-minute. Generally, prices start from around 60 USD per ticket.

Where is the train station in Seoul to Busan?

Those who plan to travel from Seoul to Busan on train usually depart from the main station in the city - Seoul Station which is located in the Bongnae-dong and Dongja-dong districts in the heart of town. The station can be easily reached by public transport, including the subway.

Seoul to Busan Train Timetable

Train type
Fastest trip
Longest trip
Morning trains
2 hrs 18 min
5 hrs 48 min
Afternoon trains
2 hrs 24 min
5 hrs 56 min
Evening trains
2 hrs 29 min
5 hrs 24 min
Night trains
2 hrs 36 min
3 hrs 10 min

Trains on Seoul - Busan Route

Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Bullet train
2 hrs 18 min
Express train
4 hrs 40 min
Intercity train
5 hrs 20 min

Seoul to Busan Train Review & Rating

The overall journey time way much shorter than I initially expected it to be

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