523 km
Departure station:
Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm City station
Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Sodra station
Centralplan 15, 11120, Stockholm, Sweden
Arrival station:
Bernstorffsgade 16 - 22, 1577, Copenhagen, Denmark
Port of Copenhagen
DFDS Copenhagen Terminal, Dampfærgevej 30, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Train with 1 change
5 hrs 17 min

Every year thousands of travelers choose to travel to Scandinavia to explore Sweden and Denmark, and many prefer to combine both countries in one single trip. One of the smartest ways to make your way from Stockholm to Copenhagen is by hopping on a high-speed SJ train.
The direct Stockholm to Copenhagen train, operated by the Swedish Rail, runs on a very scenic route and covers the distance between the capital of Sweden and the capital of Denmark in about 5 hours. Among the greatest benefits of traveling on the train is that it departs from and arrives at the Central Stations, located right in the city centers, therefore, there's no need to spend extra time on going to the outskirts of town to the airports nor to spend twice as many hours for the connection by bus.
SJ bullet trains are modern, fast, have modern onboard amenities and several travel classes to select from. Moreover, there are about 6 departures every day for the convenience of travelers.
Turn your railway ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen into the real journey. Explore the most fascinating attractions of Copenhagen and build a trip of your dream with the help of Scandivania trip planner.

When is the best time to buy tickets?

If you are planning to purchase the tickets for the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, it is better to do so in advance. This will grant you better rates as well as more flexibility in the availability of tickets for the departure times that suit you in comparison to last-minute bookings. Here on Rail Ninja you can book tickets for your trip for dates as far as 2 years ahead.


Where does Stockholm to Copenhagen train stop?

Most of the SJ trains operating on Stockholm to Copenhagen route are direct, but some of the available rail connections require to change trains at Lund Central Station.

Is the train ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen scenic?

During your trip from Stockholm to Copenhagen, you get to see numerous stunning sceneries of the region while comfortably seated in the cozy train seat. Moreover, on your way from Malmoe to Copenhagen, you will see the monumental Oresund Bridge with the fantastic view of the sound and both cities!

Timetable & Train information

Lowest train ticket cost:
Earliest departure:
Latest departure:
Shortest travel time:
5 hrs 17 min
Longest travel time:
5 hrs 44 min

Stockholm to Copenhagen Train Review & Rating

SJ trains are a great choice. Fast and efficient.

Samuel Kornwell about traveling from Stockholm to Copenhagen