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Bergen to Flam Train Information

If you want to enjoy the genuine beauty of Norwegian scenery, Bergen to Flam train is your chance. Along the route, you’ll gaze at picturesque landscapes and changing riverside panoramas. Departing from Bergen Central Station, the train covers a distance of 71 km (44 mi) in 2 hours and arrives at Myrdal Station, where you will have a train change. From there the train will take you to picture-perfect village Flam in only 50 minutes. Don’t worry, the travel won’t be so exhausting as you may think. All the trains from Bergen to Flam operated by NSB (Norwegian State Railways) offer free WiFi, electric outlets, cozy spacious seats and dining cars providing food that is available for purchase for the entire trip. Besides, some NSB trains also include additional conveniences: books and movies. In total, there are up to 4 departures, so start booking your Bergen to Flam train tickets now with Rail Ninja!
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Is there a direct train from Bergen to Flam?

No, there is no direct train from Bergen to Flam. After departing from Bergen Central Station, you will need to change trains at Myrdal Station for the scenic last part of the train journey to Flam.

Is the Bergen to Flam train worth it?

Train travel to Flam is considered to be one of the most scenic journeys in the world. It provides mind-boggling sceneries along the way including picturesque views over the fjords and the Flam valley.

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Bergen to Flam Train Review & Rating

Wonderful views of Norway out the train windows!

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