What to Know About China Railway

Among the major modes of transportation in China, rail is an important mode of long-distance transportation. China gave the world Maglev, the fastest train in the world with a top speed of 431 km/h (268 mph). What is more, the country prides itself on the most extensive high-speed railway network with an operating length of over 36 000 km / 22 350 mi (over 2/3 of the world's total). And all of that was achieved in a matter of a few years, as China started to seriously invest in the development of their train system only in 2015. Can you imagine what else are they going to come up with within the next few years?

Overall length of rail tracks in China

Overall length of China railways: 139 000 km

Types of trains in China

Types of Chinese trains: high-speed trains, intercity express trains, direct express, express, K-Trains

Number of routes we sell

Number of Chinese routes sold on Rail Ninja: +15

Fastest train speed in China

Fastest train of China high-speed rail: 431 km/h


Best Choices for Train Travel in China

Record-Breakin Fuxing Train

The best proof that clever engineering is pure magic, a Fuxing train (also known as Fuxing Hao) is one of the gems of the Chinese railway system together with the world-famous Maglev train. Boasting a body carefully designed to minimize the air resistance, these amazing trains can go as fast as 400 km/h (250 mph). Astonishing travel times are matched with the broad departure schedule, making planning a trip very easy. The offered onboard amenities are the top class to ensure unmatched comfort for the passengers during the journey.

China Railway High-Speed Train

One more very popular option is CRH trains. In 2018, the annual ridership of the Chinese high-speed railway is over 2 billion people and constantly growing since then. These bullet trains connect over 500 cities, making them a perfect way to get around the country fast and comfortably. The CRH trains reach the top speed of 350 km/h (220 mph) and boast great onboard amenities, including power sockets, LCD TV sets playing movies or TV programs during the ride, and free Wi-Fi.


Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Trains


Is the Chinese high-speed rail profitable?

Yes, of course. Right now the country puts a lot of money into improving the existing railway system and expanding its high-speed network, and it wouldn't have been done if this project had no potential to bring even bigger profit. The Chinese railway system is not only the biggest network but also the most extensively used one, so train travel in China is going to have a very bright future. 

How long did it take China to build high-speed rail?

"Progress" and "China" are pretty much synonyms, but what they did with the railway system during recent years is almost a miracle. Only in 2018 alone, the country built over 4 100 km (2 548 mi) of high-speed railways and raised the total length to 29 000 km (18 000 mi). By February 2020, the country plans to have over 36 000 km (22 350 mi) of high-speed railway in operation. 

How do I book train tickets in China?

You can either get your tickets at the station before departure or book them online in advance, an option that saves a lot of time and allows avoiding the unpleasant surprise of already sold-out tickets. If you decide to purchase your tickets with Rail Ninja, you can not only do it in several minutes but also book them for up to 2 years before your trip. 

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