Explore Both Americas by Train


South and North Americas are both treasure chests for global and local travelers. The only thing they share is the second name, as the landscapes, climate, and cultures are very distinctive between the continents. However, whatever America you decide to explore, we believe there is no better way to go about it than by taking a train. If you plan to visit both of the regions, you can easily book all your train tickets with Rail Ninja. By the way, if you notice that your needed route is not there yet, make sure to let us know so we can take your feedback in when expanding the service. Find out more about America's trains below and begin planning your journey.

Overall length of rail tracks in Americas

Longest railway: 250,000+ km (United States)

Types of trains in Americas

Popular trains in both Americas: regular and intercity

Number of routes we sell

Number of routes on Rail Ninja: 20+ (South & North America)

Fastest train speed in Americas

Fastest speed of trains: 300 km/h (Canada)


Trains in Americas by Country

Canada Trains

Canada Trains

Length of railway: 49,422 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 10+
Top 3 routes: Montreal - Toronto, Montreal - Quebec, Ottawa - Toronto

USA Trains

USA Trains

Length of railway: 250,000+ kilometers
Routes will be sold on Rail Ninja in 2021 Q2
Top routes: New York City - Washington DC, Montreal - New York, New York - Toronto

Argentina Trains

Argentina Trains

Length of railway: 36,966 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8+
Top 3 routes: Buenos Aires - Tucuman, Rosario - Tucuman, Buenos Aires - Cordoba



Tips on Trains Across Americas


What is the best way to travel around South America?

Since the continent is truly vast, we recommend flying between countries and taking either a bus or more comfortable and modern trains to navigate between the cities on your itinerary. Some parts of the continent do not have well-developed public transportation. Thus we recommend spending some time researching the transport situation for your chosen destinations in South America.

What is the best way to travel around North America?

Depending on the scope of your travels in North America we would recommend flying between faraway states and then taking trains to explore cities inside your chosen state. Road trip with a private car is also a popular choice among the travelers of North America. However, if you are planning a trip that includes the main cities in Canada, we recommend booking your train tickets in advance and exploring the country with the help of an advanced railway.

Can you travel by train in Argentina?

Yes, you can travel by train in Argentina. The country has over 47 thousand kilometers of railway tracks which makes it easy to explore Argentina by trains.

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