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Discover the continent of Asia with the help of modern, high-speed trains. Asia is known to be home to one of the most advanced railway systems in the world. Each country in the eastern part of the continent competes to reinvent rail travel over and over again. Trains in Asia are arguably the fastest globally, reaching up to 318 kilometers per hour. You can choose a few different types of trains, and from 90+ routes on Rail Ninja connecting four countries. We are currently working on expanding the choice of routes and countries that we service in Asia, so if you don't see a route that you need, message us, and we will make sure to add it to our platform shortly.

Overall length of rail tracks in Asia

Longest railway: 108,000+ km (India)

Types of trains in Asia

Types of trains in Asia: express, regular and tourist

Number of routes we sell

Number of Asian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 90+

Fastest train speed in Asia

Fastest train speed of Asian trains: 317,7 km/h


Trains in Asia by Country

Korea Trains

Korea Trains

Length of railway: 3,668 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 35+
Top 3 routes: Busan - Seoul, Daegu - Seoul, Gwangju - Seoul

China trains

China Trains

Length of railway: 139,000 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 15+
Top 3 routes: Beijing - Shanghai, Guangzhou - Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Shenzhen

Japan Trains

Japan Trains

Length of railway: 30,625 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 30+
Top 3 routes: Osaka - Tokyo, Kyoto - Tokyo, Nagoya - Tokyo

Trains in Taiwan

Taiwan Trains

Length of railway: 2,025 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8+
Top 3 routes: Hsinchu - Taipei, Taipei - Taoyuan, Nangang District - Taipei

Trains in Malaysia

Malaysia Trains

Length of railway: 1,833 kilometers
No. routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8+
Top 3 routes: Ipoh - Kuala Lumpur, Gemas - Johor Bahru, Butterworth - Kuala Lumpur



Tips on Train Travel in Asia


What are the cheap ways to travel in Asia?

There are many great ways to explore Asia, but train travel is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to really see this part of the world.

Why should I go by train in Asia?

You can go pretty much anywhere you decide to, but we recommend China, South Korea, and Japan as priority destinations for your upcoming trip to Asia. They all have well-developed railway systems.

How to travel between Southeast countries in Asia?

Best way to discover the Southeast Asian countries, is of course by taking the train. You can easily find your tickets for the most popular routes in the region on Rail Ninja - an online rail ticket service.

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