Travel to Denmark by Train

Taking the Danish railways is a great opportunity to travel in this outstanding Scandinavian country and extend your travel with connections to its neighboring countries like Sweden or Germany (see a map of popular Denmark train routes below). The major Denmark train station is located in the very heart of Copenhagen. Also called the Kobenhavn H, this station is easily reached by public transport, making train travel in Denmark very convenient.

Overall length of rail tracks in Denmark

Overall length of rail tracks in Denmark: 2560 km

Types of trains in Denmark

Types of trains in Denmark: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell on RailNinja

Number of Danish routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8

Fastest train speed in Denmark

Fastest train speed of Denmark trains: 220 km/h


Rail Travel in Denmark

High-speed SJ Train

Those planning to take a train to Denmark from Sweden or Norway (or vice versa) should definitely consider taking a high-speed SJ train. These modern bullet trains offer great amenities for comfortable travel and link Copenhagen with Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Oslo.

High-speed EuroCity Train

Another popular train on the Denmark railway is EuroCity. This fast bullet train, run by German Deutsche Bahn, is great for traveling on one of the popular international Denmark train routes, connecting Copenhagen and Berlin or Hamburg. There are several travel classes and numerous daily departures to select from.


Tips on Denmark Train Travel


How large is Denmark's rail transport network?

The railway Denmark has isn't as large and extensive as that of its neighboring countries. Nevertheless, the modern and fast trains, running in the network are safe, on schedule, and convenient.

Train types in Denmark

The Danish train system boasts both regular and high-speed trains. If you're planning long-haul rail travel, then you may choose to go on a bullet train, SJ or EuroCity, for example. Regional trains are generally provided for shorter distances.

Do I need to make seat reservations on Danish trains?

When it comes to booking Danish train tickets, a seat will be assigned for you after you book tickets for your train. Rail Ninja provides the opportunity to book rail tickets for dates up to two years ahead.

Is there a train station at Copenhagen Airport?

The main airport in Copenhagen, also called Kastrup, is set about 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) from the heart of the city. One of the easiest ways to travel to and from the airport station to the city center is on trains which are available every 10 minutes, the duration of such a trip takes approximately 20 minutes.

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Denmark Rail Map