What is the standard luggage size permitted on European trains?

Everything from the permitted amount of luggage on European trains to where to place it on board.

  • Surprisingly, there are no strict limits on how much luggage a traveler is allowed to bring on a European train, neither in size nor in weight. But in order for passengers not to get carried away, it is advised to bring no more than two large luggage items (each no bigger than 85 cm.) per traveler and one handbag.

  • The bright side about luggage on trains is that the bags don’t need to be checked in. Passengers are also allowed to bring food and drinks on the train.

  • When on board it is possible to place your luggage on overhead racks and on the floor under your seat, thus you have access to your things during the trip. Sometimes passengers put their larger luggage in special areas near the doors. To avoid any confusion, label your bag with a name tag.

  • Note that only a couple of European train stations offer porter services, therefore prepare to transport all of your luggage on your own. Some stations have luggage carts which can be used for baggage transportation, carts might require a coin to be unblocked.

  • And lastly, make sure to keep an eye on your belongings as European trains do not bear responsibility for lost or stolen things.