Travel Safety Information

Traveling by train is a lot safer than by any other means of transport, especially during the global pandemic. Choosing this type of transportation minimizes your chances of getting infected as you won't need to ride on a crowded bus to get to the airport, you won't queue for check-in or wait around at the gates. And that's just the beginning of your trip, as a long trip onboard the crowded plane awaits. There's a better way to travel!

Another great reason to choose train travel is that the majority of train carriers have implemented additional regulations to protect travelers' health and safety. If you plan to travel onboard a train, we advise you to familiarize yourself with them before boarding the train to make the traveling experience smoother. You should also consider booking your trip first-class to reduce human contact, protect yourself as well as others and travel comfortably!

Common safety regulations for train travel:

  • Travelers should wear a medical mask, scarf or another cover for their mouth and nose when in the train station and for the whole duration of the trip (although some carriers do not require this);
  • Travelers should keep the necessary distance from others onboard trains and restrain from moving around the train if possible;
  • All common areas should be disinfected on a regular basis;
  • Travelers should sanitize their hands regularly using sanitizers stationed across the trains and the stations;
  • Travelers should purchase the tickets in advance using cards to avoid unnecessary human contact;
  • Travelers should be prepared to present the ticket upon control checks promptly;

  • Seats
  • Antibacterial
  • Mask

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