What to Know About Romania Railway

Attracting voyagers worldwide with its mysterious vibe, medieval castles, and awe-inspiring natural heritage, magical Romania awaits! Wondering how to explore the region's hidden treasures and take in its unique charm to the fullest? Since Romania houses the 4th largest railway web in entire Europe, trains are one of the most rewarding ways of getting around the country as you can reach your final destination in the shortest time and enjoy the magnificent scenery along the way. Most of the trains in Romania are operated by state-owned company CFR (Caile Ferate Romane), which provides domestic as well as international services to neighboring countries.


Overall length of rail tracks in Romania

Overall length of Romania railways: 22 298 km

Types of trains in Romania

Types of trains in Romania: regular & high-speed trains

Number of routes we sell

Number of Romanian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8

Fastest train speed in Romania

Fastest train of Romania high-speed rail: 120 km/h


Best Choices for Train Travel in Romania

CFR Sleeper Train

Connecting numerous popular destinations throughout Romania, CFR trains are definitely one of the best travel options to choose when planning your A to B connections. All compartments are air-conditioned and fitted with comfortable beds, curtains, and power sockets. In addition to everything mentioned above, all passengers of CFR trains are also welcome to take advantage of the onboard restaurant, where they can buy various foods and drinks to recharge after a busy day.


Frequently Asked Questions About Romanian Trains


When was Romania train system founded?

The first railway track on the territory of the Kingdom of Romania was built in 1869 and connected Bucharest, the beating heart of the country, with the charming city of Giurgiu.

Are there any restrictions on luggage onboard Romania trains?

The amount of luggage allowed to take on board free of charge depends on the chosen type of train. As a rule, each passenger can carry 30 kg weight of hand luggage. All bags must be accurately packed and easily transported in order not to cause trouble to other travelers or staff.

How do I book train tickets in Romania?

Thanks to the impressively fast development of modern technologies, there is no need to spend your precious time at ticket offices any longer. On Rail Ninja, you can quickly browse Romania train schedule, learn more about the top rail services, and make a reservation in a few clicks!

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