Bilbao train station
Bilbao railway station
48003 , Bilbao , Spain
355 km
Bordeaux train station
Saint Jean
Rue Charles Domercq, 33800, Bordeaux, France

Bilbao to Bordeaux Train Information

Traveling by trains is, without a doubt, the most efficient option for getting around Europe as they combine great comfort, quality service and value for money as well as provide the opportunity to see the best local panoramas. Planning to get from Bilbao to the main city of the French wine-making region, Bordeaux? Consult the train schedule and select the most suitable options with Rail.Ninja. A ride from Bilbao to Bordeaux is a complex one as there's no direct train from one city to another so the connection has 2 train changes: in San Sebastian and Hendaye. The overall travel time from Bilbao to Bordeaux is around 7 hours (including the time of train changes).

Bilbao to Bordeaux Train Review & Rating

The views from the window were just spectacular

Amanda H. about traveling from Bilbao to Bordeaux