Bilbao train station
Bilbao railway station
48003 , Bilbao , Spain
121 km
Irun train station
Irun railway station
20301 , Irun, Spain

Bilbao to Irun Train Information

Comfortable Spanish trains are, indeed, a great travel choice if you're traversing the Basque Country from one of the most famous gems of the region and whole Spain, stunning Bilbao, to charming Irun, close to the border with France. Though there's no direct train from Bilbao to Irun, there are train options departing from Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo Station in Bilbao and arriving at the station of Irun having one change in San Sebastian at Amara-Donostia Station. The approximate travel time from one city center to another is 3.5 hours. Check the Bilbao - Irun train timetable, book your tickets on Rail.Ninja and enjoy a memorable worry-free journey.

Bilbao to Irun Train Review & Rating

The unique trip, Basque Country is just marvelous

James S. about traveling from Bilbao to Irun