3182 km
Departure station:
35 Revolyutsii 1905 goda str., Ulan-Ude, Russia
Arrival station:
2 Aleutskaya str., Vladivostok, Russia
Brand name
Train type
Travel time
Price from
Departures per 10 days
Russian railways
Russian railways
Night train
2 d 13 hrs 48 min

Traveling from Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok, undoubtedly, is one of the best ways to get an authentic Russian experience. A huge distance of 3182 km (1977 mi) turns into an almost 3-day adventure on a comfortable night train. Onboard you’ll find everything you might need for a comfortable ride: WCs, a restaurant car, power outlets, and the attentive conductors will gladly help you with your questions or requests. Enjoy your Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok journey relaxing in your sleeper car and taking pleasure in dramatic Russian sceneries from your window. Plan your journey ahead and book your train tickets with Rail Ninja!

Timetable & Train information

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Departures per 10 days:
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Latest departure:
Shortest travel time:
2 d 13 hrs 48 min
Longest travel time:
2 d 21 hrs 54 min

Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok Train Review & Rating

I booked Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok tickets with the help of Rail.Ninja and everything was excellent. Nice ride and great views!

Michael Rust about traveling from Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok