What to Know About Slovenia Railway

With more than 1200 kilometers (746 miles) of train tracks, the Slovenia rail system interconnects all regions of the country and its most popular destinations, allowing adventurers to see even the farthest corners of the country. Whether you decide to explore the majestic Julian Alps or head to the alluring Adriatic coast, you can easily reach your final point since all trains running on Slovenian railways are noted for short travel times, exceptional punctuality, great speed, and high-class onboard amenities, guaranteeing you the utmost comfort during the entire journey. Moreover, the Slovenia railway network provides not only domestic but also international connections, linking Slovenia with Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary.

Overall length of rail tracks in Slovenia

Overall length of Slovenia railways: 1 209 km

Types of trains in Slovenia

Types of trains in Slovenia: regular & high-speed trains

Number of routes we sell

Number of Slovenian routes sold on Rail Ninja: 2

Fastest train speed in Slovenia

Fastest train of Slovenia high-speed rail: 90 km/h


Best Choices for Train Travel in Slovenia

EuroCity High-Speed Train

Offering 2 travel classes to select from, modern EuroCity high-speed trains are fitted with such useful amenities as comfortable seats with ample legroom, electric power sockets, onboard bathrooms, special luggage areas, air-conditioning system, and free internet access. Moreover, for the convenience of travelers, the majority of EuroCity trains have Restaurant car, where various snacks and beverages can be purchased.


Frequently Asked Questions About Slovenian Trains


When was the Slovenian railway system founded?

The first railway track on the country's territory was constructed in the 1840s when the Austrian Southern Railway was built. This line connected glorious Vienna with its most significant port as well as charming Maribor with fantastic Graz. Later this route was extended and featured such destinations as Pragersko, Celije, Zidani Most, Ljubljana, Postojna, Pivka, and Divaca, among others.

Is there WiFi onboard Slovenia trains?

To provide passengers with a high-class travel experience, apart from standard onboard amenities like spacious seats, ample luggage area, and power sockets, some trains in Slovenia offer free WiFi access during the ride.

How do I book train tickets in Slovenia?

Instead of wasting your time in queues at the ticket office, think about purchasing your Slovenia train tickets online. Using Rail Ninja booking platform you can not only browse the up-to-date timetable, learn more about the available train services, and indicate your preferences, but also make a reservation 2 years prior to the chosen departure date.

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