Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro, 40121, Bologna, Italy

Designed to improve railway traffic in the alluring town of Bologna, the Centrale station today is among the most loaded train hubs in Italy. Its 24 platforms welcome about 800 trains and serve under 160 000 travelers daily! Railway tracks of the complex are divided into two levels depending on the type of train: Bologna Centrale and Bologna Centrale AV (or alta velocita what means "high-speed" in Italian). Bologna Centrale AV mainly accommodates trains running on the Milan - Bologna line. What is more, the station is conveniently nestled in the northern part of the city center and can be quickly reached via public transport so that there is no need to organize any additional transfers.



What to Know About Bologna Centrale Station


How can I get to Bologna Airport from the Cenrtale station?

Bologna Centrale railway station is connected to Gugliemo Marconi Airport via Marconi Express which can take you from one destination to another in just 7 minutes.

What attractions are near Bologna Centrale train station?

Withing walking distance from the station you can find such noteworthy sights as Parco della Montagnola, Fontana di Nettuno, Piazza Maggiore, Palazzo del Podesta, and Palazzo D'Accursio.


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