5611, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Eindhoven Centraal railway station is the main railway hub in Eindhoven in North Brabant, Netherlands. Serving over 100,000 passengers per day, the rail complex is one of the busiest outside the Randstad area and very important in the southern part of the country. The station is in walking distance of the Philips Stadion, which is served by Eindhoven Stadion railway station in football matches or other special events at the stadium. In addition, the Eindhoven Centraal Station offers a wide choice of on-site facilities, like shops, currency exchange points, waiting areas, and more. So you can get everything you need for the upcoming trip and won't get bored while waiting to depart.

Eindhoven Centraal Station Overview

Watch the following video to see what Eindhoven Centraal train station looks like.



What to Know About the Eindhoven Centraal Train Station


Is there parking available at Eindhoven Centraal Station?

Sure, there is spacious parking near the station's building.

How old is Eindhoven Central Station?

The station was opened in 1864, 157 years ago.


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