450 Rue de la Gare du Palais, QC G1K 3X2, Québec, Canada

The biggest railway station in Quebec is set right in the city center, making it a perfect starting (or finishing) point for any railway adventure from Quebec. In 1992, the station was named a Heritage Railway Station, so the railway hub is worth stopping by even if you don't plan to travel anywhere by train, as it is an important historical and cultural sight. The building boasts a flamboyant design, similar to the famous Château Frontenac hotel. The station operates 2 platforms and 4 tracks and is served by Via Rail as well as Orleans Express.



What to Know About the Quebec Train Station


Where is Gare du Palais located?

The railway station boasts a fantastic location in the heart of Quebec, not far from such remarkable city sights as the picturesque Old Port and the fascinating Museum of Civilization.

How many train stations are there in Quebec City?

Beautiful Quebec houses 2 railway stations: Gare du Palais, the biggest and the best-equipped one, and the much smaller Sainte-Foy station, nestled on Chemin de la Gare.


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