İstasyon Cd., İstasyon Mah., 34303 , Küçükçekmece/Istanbul , Turkey

Charming Halkali Station proudly boasts the title of westernmost railway hub in Istanbul, serving not just famous YHT high-speed trains but also a few international routes. The station has two platforms and four tracks and operates trains to such popular European destinations as Bucharest, Belgrade, and Sofia. Halkali Station is a vital part of the Turkish railway system, as, for years, it was a departure terminal to all freight trains to Europe. But this era is coming to an end. Instead, the station is expected to grow to be the main high-speed railway station on the European side of the city!



Guide of Halkali Station in Istanbul


How far is Halkali train station from Istanbul city center?

The railway hub is nestled about 20 km (12.4 mi) from the city center of Istanbul. You can reach it by taking a Halkali-Gebze train at the station.

Are there any sights to see nearby?

Although there are no famous tourist attractions in the area, the station is nestled close to the breathtaking Lake Kucukcekmece, so if you have some time to kill before departure, you are welcome to enjoy a walk along the scenic coast to admire the views.


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