200 Tremblay Rd, ON K1G 3H5, Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa Train Station is the central inter-city railway station in Ottawa. Operated by Via Rail, the station provides trains connecting to Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, Quebec, and other cities. Apart from its train connections, Ottawa Train Station has unique architecture. The station has a spacious open interior with an extended roofline. Also, travelers are welcome to enjoy the Ottawa Railway Station services, such as cafes & restaurants, vending machines, wi-fi, bicycle box service, and ATM.



Getting Around Ottawa Railway Station


How do I get from Ottawa train station to downtown?

The most comfortable way to get from Ottawa train station to Downtown Ottawa is to line 1 train, which takes approximately 15 minutes.

Where is the Ottawa Train Station located?

The Ottawa train station is located just a few kilometers away to Downtown Ottawa's east, in Eastway Gardens District.


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