ON M5J 1E6, Toronto, Canada

Welcome to the busiest and one of the most impressive railway hubs in Canada, the Union station. Set right in the heart of Toronto, the complex doesn't just offer numerous train connections but also boasts a striking facade and the title of National Historic Site of Canada. At the opening ceremony of 1927, the Prince of Wales said "You build your stations like we build our cathedrals", so even if you don't have a train trip in mind, the station is definitely a sight worth checking out during the Toronto tour. Despite being a soon-to-be centenarian, inside the Union station is nothing but modern. It houses a wide range of dining and shopping facilities, from essentials like ticket vending machines, comfortable waiting rooms, and Lost & Found office to Danish Pastry House and McDonald’s.

The Most Important Train Hub in Canada: Toronto's Union Station

Have a sneak peek at what awaits you inside the Toronto Union railway station. This tour around the railway complex shows not just the location of the main facilities but also gives you a chance to admire the beautiful interiors of Canada's busiest train station.



Brief Guide of the Union Station


How old is Union Station Toronto?

Toronto's most famous station was officially opened almost a hundred years ago, in 1927. The grand opening ceremony was led by the Prince of Wales. Quite impressive for a train station, right?

Who owns Union Station Toronto?

The station's building is owned by the city of Toronto, but the trainshed and tracks are the responsibility of Metrolinx.

Why is it called Union Station?

The answer is quite simple, a bit cliched, but beautiful nevertheless. Union Station in Canada was built as a hub that will gather all the main railway lines of the city under one roof, so you have to agree that the name is quite fitting.

Why is Union Station important?

As mentioned above, Toronto's Union Station is important for several reasons. Undoubtedly, as the busiest transport hub in the country, it is vital to Canada's railway system. Plus, you can't dismiss the cultural and historical value of the building, priding itself on being a Heritage Railway Station and National Historic Site of Canada.

Is there more than one Union Station?

Yes, there are quite a few stations sharing the same name scattered around the world. The United States alone houses over 130 United railway stations, so you need to be very careful with details while planning your train adventure when United Station is concerned.


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