Swedish Rail System: What to Know

Sweden has one of the broadest rail networks in Scandinavia, making train travel easy and convenient. The high-speed trains running in Sweden are operated by the state and link not only major Swedish cities but also provide comfortable connections with neighboring countries. The most popular international Sweden train routes run through Norway and Denmark. Below you can learn more about the trains and rail routes in Sweden as well as see a map of popular Swedish train routes. Planning a trip to Sweden? Read about the most beautiful cities to visit in Sweden.

Overall length of rail tracks in Sweden

Overall length of rail tracks in Sweden: 12 821 km

Types of trains in Sweden

Types of trains in Sweden: regular & high-speed

Number of routes we sell

Number of Swedish routes sold on Rail Ninja: 11

Fastest train speed in Sweden

Fastest train speed of Sweden trains: 220 km/h


Swedish Train System

Swedish high-speed trains

Those planning rail travel on Swedish railways are most likely to use the most renown high-speed SJ train.

SJ trains offer several coach classes as well as numerous daily departure times to choose from and run in Swedish cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Tips on Sweden Train Travel


Should I print and validate the ticket?

It is advisable to have your ticket printed out before you board the train, you may alternatively have it available on your mobile device. You do not need to validate your Swedish train ticket but the attendant will check it together with your passport or ID when you board the train.

Are Swedish trains on time?

Yes, generally trains in Sweden run on schedule and there are very few cases of departure or arrival delays. In any case, it is recommended to arrive at the rail station about 30 minutes before departure time in order to not miss your train.

Do Swedish trains have Wi-Fi?

Modern high-speed SJ trains, running on the most popular domestic routes in Sweden (as well as the international ones), are equipped with free Wi-Fi, which is available to passengers throughout the journey.

Are there toilets on Swedish trains?

Sweden train travel is very comfortable because trains in Sweden are well-equipped and modern and feature all needed amenities, including toilets. As a rule, there is at least one per train car.

What to expect from Sweden train stations?

Train travel in Sweden in much outwins other transport options as trains depart from and arrive at rail stations which are located in the city centers. As such, the largest train station in the country is Stockholm's central station called Stockholms Central station or Stockholm C. The station has 17 platforms and can be easily reached by public transport, including bus and metro. The station has well-fitted waiting areas, luggage storage zones, cafes, shops to buy periodicals and souvenirs, as well as desks where you can purchase Swedish rail tickets.

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Sweden Rail Map