Taiwanese Railway

Taiwan is home to dozens of remarkable cities that you can find on the travel bucket list of any Asia-travel enthusiast. Luckily, visiting them all during one holiday is not just possible, it's really easy. The country boasts a well-spread railway network, consisting of regular lines and high-speed rail, running along the west coast of the island. You can get pretty much anywhere on a train, enjoying the views over Taiwan's remarkable nature along the way. Impeccable service and great onboard amenities on Taiwanese trains will ensure a worry-free trip for you. The railway stations in Taiwan are generally located in the city centers, making it very easy to get around upon arrival.

Overall length of rail tracks in Taiwan

Overall length of Taiwan railways: 2,025 km

Types of trains in Taiwan

Types of Taiwanese trains: local and intercity trains

Number of routes we sell

Number of Taiwan high-speed routes sold on Rail Ninja: 8+

Fastest train speed in Taiwan

Fastest train of Taiwan rail: 300 km/h


Top Choices for Taiwan Travel

THSR Bullet Trains

Without any doubt, if your destination is located somewhere on the west coast of Taiwan, you can't find a more comfortable way to get there than a THSR train. Although the high-speed railway in Taiwan was built not so long ago, it's already about 350 km (220 mi) long and is constantly expanding. The high-speed trains that run along the railway line are rather similar to the world-famous Shinkansen in Japan. And we are not talking only about the appearance. THSR trains also provide unmatched comfort during the journey, equipped with 180-degree rotatable seating in both travel classes and offering electric sockets and free snacks in Business Class.


Tips on Train Travel in Taiwan


Who built Taiwan high-speed rail?

The THSRC, a big private company, built and now owns the Taiwanese high-speed railway.

Is it allowed to eat on Taiwanese trains?

Sure, feel free to have a snack during the journey. The high-speed trains in Taiwan offer to buy delicious breakfast boxes, quick snacks, and drinks onboard, but you are also welcome to bring your own food on a train.

How far in advance can you buy Taiwan rail tickets?

If you want to buy the ticket in person at the station, you have a window of 12 days before departure to do that. If you decide to book your tickets with us online, you can purchase them for up to 2 years prior to the planned trip.


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