How to cancel your tickets?

How to cancel tickets:

  1. Use the “Sign in” button in the top menu and then find your order on the “My orders” tab, or click the link to your order in the confirmation email that we sent you.
  2. Click the "Modify" button and select "Cancel" from the dropdown.
  3. Choose the tickets you would like to cancel, agree with the Terms and Conditions and click the "Submit Request" button.

We will notify you by email when the cancellation is complete.

If you missed your train:go to the ticket booth at the rail station. Some, but not all, carriers allow modification for a few hours after train departure.

Cancellation Policies

First of all, please bear in mind that cancellation policies depend on the type of ticket fare. You can find out the fare type of your ticket and its cancellation rules in your order. The deadline for the cancellation of tickets is 24 hours before the train departure. 

Standard cancellation policy

Unless specified otherwise in fare terms and conditions, we refund 80% of the total price of the canceled ticket. Our service fees are non-refundable. The deadline for the cancellation of tickets is 24 hours before the departure of the train.

The processing time for ticket cancellations is one business day.


If you have booked a refundable ticket (regular and flexible fares), please cancel it directly with us. This will ensure that your refund is processed efficiently and timely. But please note that refunds are processed by card issuers and banks from 7 to 14 business days.

Returning tickets at the station

We recommend that you cancel your tickets with us directly to ensure efficient and timely processing of a refund. If you are not able to contact us directly and return your tickets at the station, we will have to wait for a refund from the rail carrier in order to be able to issue a refund to you. This process may take additional time, up to 4 weeks. Furthermore, you may incur additional cancelation fees from the carrier for canceling at the train station.

No refunds for missed trains

We will make no refunds for missed trains. Please make sure you arrive at the correct train station and that you have enough time to board your train. It is your sole responsibility to locate the correct platform and to arrive at your train car in time for boarding. Please make sure to have all travel documents required for your trip, including passports, visas, and e-tickets.


Some fares do not support refunds, but we may issue you a voucher for the amount of the canceled ticket.

You can find out about the possibility to get a voucher in the fare conditions of your ticket. When your ticket is canceled, we will issue you a voucher for a new ticket and send it to your email.