How to modify your tickets?

How to modify tickets:

  1. Use the “Sign in” button in the top menu and then find your order on the “My orders” tab, or click the link to your order in the confirmation email that we sent you.

  2. Click the "Modify" button and select "Modify" from the dropdown.

  3. Select ticket modification option:
         a.    If you want to change passenger information, click the “Yes, change passengers” button. Then make the necessary changes and save.
         b.   If you want to modify the route, date, selected train, travel class, or fare click the “No, change train” button.

  4. Then you will be asked to choose other tickets.
  5. If you have changed passenger details and you don’t want to modify the route, date, selected train, travel class, and fare - click the "Skip" button.

  6. Pay for the modification if required.

We will notify you by email when the modification is complete. The processing time for ticket modifications is one business day.

Modification Policies

The ability to modify a ticket depends on its fare type. Not all ticket types support modification. You can find out the fare type of your ticket and the rules for its modification in your order. The deadline for the modification of tickets is 24 hours before the train departure.

Standard modification policy

Unless specified otherwise in fare terms and conditions, standard modification is free of charge. Customers are only required to pay the price difference between the new and the original tickets, plus a service fee for a new ticket reservation.

What to do if you missed the deadline: please contact our Support team - we will do our best to assist you. Modification requests past the deadline can only be processed with approval from Rail Ninja.

How to modify your ticket if you missed your train: go to the ticket booth at the rail station and try to modify tickets for missed trains there. Some, but not all, carriers allow modification for a few hours after train departure.