Discover Morocco Onboard Al Atlas Trains

Enhance your Morocco discovery taking Al Atlas high-speed train. Enjoy the utmost comfort and services adapted to your expectations. The Al Atlas trains run on the Casablanca-Fès and Casablanca-Marrakech routes providing direct connections for smooth journeys between the main Morocco cities. Relax with wonderful onboard amenities, including an air-conditioning system, special luggage areas, power outlets, and comfortable seats. Fast speed guarantee your trip onboard the Al Atlas train will be unforgettable. Besides, travelers can between two travel classes, which is a great opportunity to adjust the trip to your preferences. We recommend you arrive at the platform at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time in order to get your tickets checked before boarding.

Travel Classes Onboard Al Atlas Train

    • ONCF 1st
    • train

    1st Class Seat

    Seats are arranged 2 by 1
    There are air-conditioning and a payable snack trolley service.

    • ONCF 2nd 2
    • ONCF 2nd 4
    • train

    Economy Class Seat

    Trains offer eight seats in separate compartments