What to Know About Altaria Long-Distance Trains

If you are planning to travel from Spain's capital, Madrid, to the southern cities of this sun-kissed country, taking an Altaria train is the best choice. Operated by Renfe, these trains are equipped with gauge-changing technology that permits them to run on both high-speed and conventional lines, allowing to make the most out of any railway route Altaria trains happen to run along. In addition to fast travel times, the long-distance trains also offer a broad departure schedule and great onboard amenities, including 2 travel classes (Turista and Preferente), air-conditioning, comfy and spacious reclining seats, audio/video entertainment systems, and an onboard cafe/bar, serving a wide variety of snacks and drinks. Recently the trains were renamed and are currently known as Intercity.

Travel Classes Onboard Altaria Train

    • AVE Premium (preferente)/1st Class (Turista plus) (img 1)
    • AVE Premium (preferente)1st Class (Turista plus) (img 3)
    • AVE-Exterior

    1st Class Seat

    This coach class of Altaria train provides a more comfortable seat configuration (2 by 1) and comes with spacious reclining seats, overhead luggage racks and racks for bigger luggage at each end of the car. Travelers are free to take advantage of a media center using audio/video outlets provided at each seat or read newspapers, also included in the ticket price. All snacks and drinks can be bought at the buffet car onboard. Also, there are seats for passengers with special needs, yet the coach has no facilities for wheelchairs.
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 4)
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 2)
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 1)
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 3)
    • AVE-Exterior

    Economy Class Seat

    These carriages of Altaria train are designed to provide absolute comfort, having comfortable seats with the configuration 2 by 2, overhead luggage racks as well as racks for bigger luggage at each end of the coach. Moreover, such cars come with a media center and audio/video outlets at each seat. Travelers can enjoy meals in the restaurant car onboard the train. Seats for passengers with special needs are available, however, the coach has no facilities for wheelchairs.