From Toronto to Vanocuver on Canadian Train

The Canadian train is one of the most convenient ways to travel along the Toronto - Vancouver rail line, boasting an annual ridership of over 82k people. There are three travel classes onboard, Economy, Sleeper, and Prestige, so everyone can find a suitable option that works with their travel plans and a budget for the trip. The travel time between the terminal stations is almost 4 days and The Canadian is very well-equipped for such long journeys. The sleeping options include berths and bedrooms for one, two, or three people, and there are multiple catering facilities available as well, including a dining car, Skyline cafe, take-out, and even an in-room service for Prestige-Class ticket holders. Plus, you are welcome to enjoy the performance of various artists during the journey to spice up your travel experience. And don't worry, complimentary Wi-Fi is also available, at least in the areas with good cell coverage.

Travel Classes Onboard The Canadian Train

  • The Canadian Train Economy Class
  • The Canadian Train Economy Class
  • The Canadian Train

Economy Class Seat

Seats of this coach class are arranged 2 by 2. They are comfortable and have enough legroom and reclining footrests. This train class also offers travelers access to the Skyline Car with a panoramic glass dome ceiling, designed for enjoying the view along the way.