Treat Yourself to a Picturesque Euromed Train Journey

One of the most convenient ways to travel in Iberia is by train. Crossing big countries, including Spain, traveling by high-speed trains is undoubtedly a time-saving and comfortable way. Wondering which train service to choose for your trip? One of the best-known high-speed rail services is Euromed, established in 1997. Operated by Iberian rail company RENFE, the train line runs along a 523 km (325 mi) Mediterranean corridor, connecting Spanish cities: Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellon de la Plana, Valencia, and Alicante. Since 2020, Euromed train can reach the maximum speed of 220 km/h (140mph), and the journey from Barcelona to Valencia takes only 2 hours and 35 minutes. Or you can travel from Barcelona to Alicante in just 4 hours and 20 minutes! Euromed trains offer stunning views of the sea and other natural surroundings during the journey. In addition to beautiful views, passengers are welcome to enjoy excellent facilities onboard. All Euromed trains are equipped with air-conditioning, audio system, video screen, disabled facilities, restaurant & Coffee bar. Plus, the trains boasts two types of travel classes: 1st class (Preferente) and 2nd class (Turista).

Travel Classes Onboard Euromed Train

    • AVE Premium (preferente)/1st Class (Turista plus) (img 1)
    • AVE Premium (preferente)1st Class (Turista plus) (img 2)
    • AVE Premium (preferente)1st Class (Turista plus) (img 3)
    • AVE-Exterior

    Premium Class Seat

    Selecting this coach class onboard Euromed train means traveling in a modern car, providing comfortable seats arranged 2 by 1, each having an individual table, an electric socket, and a reading light. Passengers are also free to take advantage of a media center and free newspapers. One meal (except Saturdays) is included in the ticket price, meanwhile, other snacks and beverages are available for purchase in the restaurant car and/or from a food trolley. Seats for travelers with special needs are also available.
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 4)
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 2)
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 1)
    • AVE 2nd Class (Turista) (img 3)
    • AVE-Exterior

    Economy Class Seat

    This type of car onboard Euromed train provides reclining comfortable seats with individual tables and electric sockets, arranged 2 by 2. The coach is also equipped with a media center. Passengers can purchase snacks and beverages in a restaurant car. Seats for travelers with special needs are also available.