Why Travel Europe by Eurostar High-speed Trains

Eurostar high-speed trains, connecting the capitals of France and England, are among the smartest time-saving options when traveling on the train from Paris to London and on the reverse route. The modern high-speed Eurostar train is quick and convenient. And if you're wondering how fast does Eurostar go, it travels at a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph). Plus there are plenty of daily departure options in the Eurostar train schedule to choose from - more than 10 per day! The air-conditioned trains have 3 travel classes: Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier. Passengers can grab something to eat in the onboard train cafe and bar buffet, offering meals and beverages. For your convenience, below we've collected answers on the most frequently asked questions about the Eurostar high-speed train.

Which cities does Eurostar go to?

Being one of the most popular options for traveling around Europe, the Eurostar high-speed train connects numerous cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Lille. It is also the top choice when getting from the French to the British capital.

What stations does Eurostar stop at?

A great perk of hopping on a Eurostar high-speed train during your Europe exploration is that the departures and arrivals are from/to centrally located stations. The most popular Eurostar stations in the western part of Europe are St. Pancras International in London, Gare du Nord in Paris, the Amsterdam Central Station, and the Lille Europe Station.

Where is the Eurostar train station in London?

To catch a Eurostar train in London, head to St. Pancras Int station (or London St. Pancras) which is beneficially situated in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by public transport.

At what train station does the Eurostar arrive in Paris?

The Eurostar train station in Paris is the Gare du Nord station which can be easily reached by public transport including the metro, so you won't spend much time to get there.

Does Eurostar go direct to Eurodisney?

If visiting the worldwide famous Paris Disneyland is on your agenda, with Eurostar you can get there from the heart of London in less than 3 hours. Direct trains from the British capital to the Paris Disney Park run once a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Please keep in mind that direct service is not available from early January to mid-February.

Is the train from London to Paris underwater?

What makes this route so unique is that to get from London to Paris by train you travel through the 31-mile Channel Tunnel that actually lies underwater!

What's the difference between Eurostar and Eurotunnel?

The Eurotunnel (or the Channel Tunnel) is the undersea road that connects the north of France and the south of England. The Eurostar is the legendary high-speed train operating on the route from London - Paris.

Which amenities are available onboard Eurostar Trains?

Onboard Eurostar trains, you can find spacious comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, individual sockets, as well as enough space for luggage and carry-on bags.

Is WIFI available on Eurostar trains?

For all passengers of the Eurostar train WiFi is available for free throughout the trip.

Does Eurostar have air-conditioning?

The Eurostar train interior is modern and neat. To make your journey absolutely comfortable, the train is equipped with all necessary amenities, including an air-conditioning system.

Are there toilets on Eurostar?

For your convenience and comfort during the trip, each coach of the train is equipped with a WC.

Is it cheaper to fly to Paris or get the Eurostar?

At first, taking a plane may seem like an appealing option as the cheapest plane ticket costs about 70 USD. But you need to take into consideration the extra costs for airport transfers and the time needed for arriving in advance for the flight. This way both options belong to the same price range, but the Eurostar train is much faster in terms of speed and overall travel time (the Eurostar train speed is 186 mph!) and offers a higher level of comfort in comparison to any low-cost plane. Not to mention, that flights are often delayed and trains always come strictly on time.

How much do Eurostar tickets cost?

Depending on several factors such as the chosen coach class and the amount of time left before departure, you can count on different prices. Generally, the average Eurostar ticket price starts at 80 USD.

How far in advance can you buy Eurostar tickets?

An unquestionable advantage of booking Eurostar train tickets on Rail Ninja is that you can make a reservation 3.5 months before the chosen date, guaranteeing you absolutely worry-free trip planning.

Do you need to print your Eurostar ticket?

After booking your Eurostar train tickets, make sure to download an e-version of your ticket or print it at home in advance as you'll be asked to show it with the valid ID or passport when boarding the train.

Are Eurostar tickets transferable?

Please pay attention that Eurostar tickets can't be transferred between passengers or passed over to third parties. If the name of the passenger needs to be modified, you have to modify or book another ticket, cancelling the previous reservation.

Can you change seats for Eurostar tickets?

The possibility of changing Eurostar train seats depends on the chosen route and availability. On Rail Ninja, you may indicate your preferences during the booking process and we guarantee that the best available seat will be assigned to you.

How long before Eurostar departure should you arrive?

Boarding ends 30 minutes before the departure of the train, so make sure to arrive at the station at least 45-60 before the scheduled departure time for passing security checks and boarding the train.

Travel Classes Onboard Eurostar Train

    • Eurostar Standard class (img 2)
    • Eurostar Standard class (img 1)
    • Eurostar-Exterior

    Economy Class Seat

    This class offers comfortable seats with armrests, a table (either foldable or not if it's a table seat), and enough legroom. The train is equipped with power sockets and free WiFi, seats for passengers with special needs are available as well. Travelers may also purchase snacks in the train's Restaurant Car.
    • Eurostar Standard Premiere class (img 1)
    • Eurostar Standard Premiere class (img 2)
    • Eurostar Standard Premiere class (img 3)
    • Eurostar-Exterior

    1st Class Seat

    This class of Eurostar trains offers comfortable seats with enough legroom and a table (either foldable or not if it's a table seat). The train is equipped with power sockets and free WiFi, seats for passengers with special needs are available as well. A light meal with tea and water is included in the ticket price. Passengers can purchase food from the vending machine and/or food trolley.
    • Eurostar Business class (img 2)
    • Eurostar Business class (img 1)
    • Eurostar Business class (img 3)
    • Eurostar-Exterior

    Business Class Seat

    This class on Eurostar trains is the most comfortable one of the available options. It offers great seats with enough legroom and a table (either foldable or not if it's a table seat). The train is equipped with power sockets and free WiFi, seats for passengers with special needs are available as well. A light meal with tea and water is included in the ticket price, food can be purchased from the vending machine and/or food trolley too. Passengers can also indicate their preference to sit in a Silent Car of the train while booking the ticket.

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