Flamsbana Train & Flam Railway

With a total length of as little as 20 kilometers (about 13 miles) the petite Flam line has become one of the hallmark rail adventures for those traveling in Norway. Although the duration of the Flamsbana train ride is approximately 1 hour, this iconic journey from Myrdal to Flam Norway and vice versa is definitely among the most beautiful and best train rides in Europe.

First, the Flam train in Myrdal is reached by a regular Norway train from Oslo or from Bergen. Then, the Flamsbana scenic train makes its way among the winding fjords, valleys, rivers, and passes tiny Norwegian villages at a maximum height of 863 meters (2831 feet), making the Flam railway one of the steepest railways on the planet. Moreover, the train travels at a slow speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) which is ideal for viewing the marvelous and stunning landscapes of the Norwegian countryside from the train's windows.

Inside the train there's only one travel class, providing regular seats for all passengers, yet the scenic train route is completely worth it! And in case you're wondering which side to sit on the Flam train, the answer is on either, as the views will be great regardless of the side.

Travel Classes Onboard Flamsbana Train

  • NSB Flamsbana Standard (seat) (img 1)
  • NSB Flamsbana Standard (seat) (img 2)
  • NSB Flamsbana Standard (outside)

Flamsbana Economy Class Seat

This train is equipped with simple seats, designed for enjoying the views of the Norwegian countryside and the fjords in comfort. The seats are arranged 3 by 2 opposite each other, large windows offer equally great panoramas on both sides. WiFi is generally available onboard as well.
14 kilometers
14 kilometers
50 min
45 min
6 trains per route
6 trains per route

Customer reviews

  • Taking the Flamsbana train was on our bucket list for years and every minute of the journey was completely worth it!
    Joliet L.