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Why Travel by Mugunghwa Trains?
If you research the topic of train travel in South Korea, you know that trains in the country can roughly be divided into three types: bullet trains (KTX), express trains (ITX-Saemaeul), and intercity trains (Mugunghwa). As you can guess, Mugunghwa is the slowest type. While a KTX train can travel from Seoul to Busan in just about 2.5 hours, an intercity train needs approximately 5.5 hours to make the same journey. So, why anyone chooses to travel by Mugunghva? Well, these trains serve a much bigger number of stations while the high-speed options stop only at major railway hubs, so regular intercity trains are irreplaceable if you plan to travel to some off-the-beaten-path destination. Plus, they offer a much more authentic travel experience as well as a fantastic chance to relax and enjoy the spectacular nature of the country. And don't forget that this is a much more budget-friendly option, as tickets cost up to 2 times less than KTX railway tickets!

Travel Classes Onboard Mugunghwa Train

  • Korail Economy 2
  • Korail Economy 1
  • Korean High Speed Train KTX Economy Class (img 2)
  • Korean High Speed Train KTX Economy Class (img 1)
  • Korean High Speed Train KTX exterior

Economy Class Seat

Such coaches provide seating with plenty of legroom and enough space for your belongings as well. Seating for passengers with special needs is also available. There is a playground for kids, as well as a possibility to purchase food from multiple vending machines. Bathrooms are accessible onboard the train.