Taking a train in Greece is an unforgettable experience and one of the best ways to get around the country. Although traveling this sun-kissed destination by a high-speed train is not an option yet, you can rest assured that available train services boast fast travel times and offer great onboard amenities. And trains operated by TrainOSE are a great example. This private railway company in Greece is responsible for operating all rail transport running along OSE lines, and passenger services include Regular trains, Express trains, and Intercity trains (listed from slowest to fastest). You can easily distinguish them if you look at the train number, as the number of Regular trains has four digits, Express trains have three digits, and Intercity trains have two-digit numbers. Intercity trains offer the most luxurious experience, but the tickets are the priciest. But all three options can easily take you across the country, as they are well-equipped and offer an extensive departure schedule, making it very easy to plan a trip.

Travel Classes Onboard Train OSE Greece Train

    • 1 class
    • train

    1st Class Seat

    This class offers comfortable seats with more legroom and a table (either foldable or not if it's a table seat). The train car is equipped with places for luggage storage and has large windows.
    The carrier declares that it conducts a thorough sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of all common areas on its trains, including surfaces, seats, handles, windows, tables, luggage compartments, bathrooms and operator cabins.
    Mask is required

    • Economy
    • train

    Economy Class Seat

    This travel class offers comfortable seats with enough legroom. The train car is equipped with places for luggage storage and has large windows.