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Railjet - Train From Vienna To Prague

Operated by OBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, Railjet is a modern high-speed train, connecting Austrian cities with Hungary, the Czech Republic, as well as the airport in Vienna. Railjet high-speed trains are capable of moving at a speed of 230 kilometers per hour (143 mph) and are therefore among the fastest and most convenient ways to travel on train from Vienna to Budapest, as well as on the Vienna to Prague train route. The high-speed Railjet train was designed for comfortable travel and offer cozy seats with folding tables, electrical outlets, free WiFi, entertainment on board as well as spacious racks for luggage. The trains are also equipped with a restaurant car and a children's cinema. There are three travel classes on board Railjet high-speed trains: 2nd Economy Class, First Class and Business Class, whereas the extensive schedule with over 5 daily departures available, depending on the route, makes it highly convenient for travel-planning.

Travel Classes Onboard Railjet Train

    • OEBB First Class (img 1)
    • OEBB First Class (img 2)
    • OEBB First class (img 3)
    • OEBB Railjet outside
    1st Class Seat

    Individually adjustable leather seats with lots of legroom and comfort. Air-conditioner, electrical outlets, drop-down or fixed table. Luggage racks and overhead shelves. Wi-Fi and newspaper service onboard Railjet trains. Food and drinks from the restaurant menu are available for purchase and can be served at your seat as per your request.

    • OEBB Economy class (img 1)
    • OEBB Economy class (img 2)
    • OEBB Railjet outside
    Economy Class Seat
    Air-conditioning, open-plan seating, modern textile seats and fixed or folding tables. Luggage racks and overhead shelves. Wi-Fi and one electrical outlet per double seat onboard Railjet trains. Food and drinks can be purchased at a restaurant car or snack trolley.
    • OEBB Business class (img 1)
    • OEBB Business class (img 2)
    • OEBB Railjet outside
    Business Class Seat
    More legroom and maximum side room between leather-covered adjustable seats. Air-conditioner, one electrical outlet per seat, Wi-Fi, newspaper service. Reading lamps and quite atmosphere for undisturbed work. Food and drinks from the restaurant menu are served at your seat per your request.
    • OEBB Economy class (img 1)
    • OEBB Economy class (img 2)
    • OEBB Railjet outside
    Economy Class Seat *
    Air-conditioning, open-plan seating, modern textile seats and fixed or folding tables. Luggage racks and overhead shelves. Wi-Fi and one electrical outlet per double seat onboard Railjet trains. Food and drinks can be purchased at a restaurant car or snack trolley.
    • OEBB First Class (img 1)
    • OEBB First Class (img 2)
    • OEBB First class (img 3)
    • OEBB Railjet outside
    1st Class Seat *

    Individually adjustable leather seats with lots of legroom and comfort. Air-conditioner, electrical outlets, drop-down or fixed table. Luggage racks and overhead shelves. Wi-Fi and newspaper service onboard Railjet trains. Food and drinks from the restaurant menu are available for purchase and can be served at your seat as per your request.

212 kilometers
155 kilometers
143 kilometers
386 kilometers
254 kilometers
252 kilometers
342 kilometers
358 kilometers
563 kilometers
593 kilometers
450 kilometers
434 kilometers
575 kilometers
2 hrs 35 min
1 hrs 16 min
2 hrs 26 min
4 hrs 13 min
3 hrs 57 min
2 hrs 22 min
6 hrs 41 min
3 hrs 59 min
6 hrs 49 min
7 hrs 50 min
5 hrs 11 min
7 hrs 40 min
7 hrs 4 min
30 trains per route
30 trains per route
28 trains per route
27 trains per route
20 trains per route
19 trains per route
18 trains per route
14 trains per route
13 trains per route
12 trains per route
12 trains per route
6 trains per route
3 trains per route
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Customer reviews

  • It is the best railway To choose to travel in between European Countries. The are on time and we only selected first and business class seats. We loved the business class secrion. It was veryvquite and less interuptions. The conductirs could be more helpful or friendlier. This is something we iexperienced everywhere, so not sure if it is part of the culture.
    Jyoti Patel
  • Clean well spaced out cabin great communication
  • Comfortable and on schedule.
    Gail Moran
  • Great experience. Easy to get on ride was smooth. Very relaxing
  • Fortunately we arrived early. Just to make sure we could use the online ticket I stopped to check at information. The told me I must go to a different office at rh station to get a print out which took some time. I was assured that the phone ticket would work aside from that confusion all went well.
    Anita Grant
  • There were 2 trains departuring at the same plataform. I do not realize and I took the wrong one. I know that was my fault, but the person who was checking tickets before passengers going on bording could take more attention and direct me to the right one.
    Juvenal Vagner da Silva
  • Very pleasant trip. Easy to get tickets and get on train. Highly recommend
  • Great
  • Fue una buena experiencia, el tren salió a tiempo, los asientos cómodos, el personal amable
    Silvana Sardi
  • Everything was Nice!!!!
  • Excellent experience!!
  • It was super comfortable and good service
  • The train was clean, comfortable, and on time. The food was good and reasonably priced.
    Carole Lee
  • excelente servicio limpios y puntuales
    Luis Alberto
  • muy burm servicio y puntualidad
    Luis Alberto
  • Good
  • Very comfortable, clean train with great staff.
    Brian Narveson
  • Muy puntual
    Luis Ulloa
  • The train was clean, comfortable, and on time. It also allows you to view the countryside as you travel.
  • Excellent Experience! Wish we could duplicate in US.Only negative is the train station itself,not user friendly in getting to your platform or info at all in English. Is a total confusion and so any other tourists suffered the exact experience. The rail service clean and unbelievably quit for our 4 hour trip from Prague to Vienna....
    Christopher Farrell
  • El viaje, el servicio y la comodidad y limpieza, excepcional
    Solo que hay poco tiempo para subirse al vagón con todas las valijas
    carlos santiago pierro
  • Train from Vienna to Prague
    Enoch Purnell Jr.
  • el servicio es excelente
    nos costo encontrar donde para el tren, las indicaciones son deficitarias para un extranjero
    pero una vez arriba el viaje vale la pena
    carlos santiago pierro
  • Very Nice trip, good seat and service.
    Madeleine Chalifoux
  • Comfortable Prague-Vienna journey in wide and spacious seats. Prague Main station and platforms were not well signed for tourists.
    Linda W.
  • Thank you for the upgrade!
    Heather Hodge
  • Very clean, very fast, very comfortable. I could have used a method of anesthesia to silence the babbling of the American woman impressed with her schedule.
    Jacob Bynum
  • Excellent!
  • Good
    Michael Mcnally
  • The rail jet trip from Budapest to Vienna was basically complaint-free. The entire process from boarding to the service on-board to disembarking was enjoyable. The only negative was the WiFi was slow and we gave up on using it after a while. That aside, we would use RailJet again.
  • I was seated in Business and it was very comfortable and staff helpful - would definately use Railjet again
    Serenella Tonello
  • Train was late by an hour and then delayed another hour by some problem.
    M. Lookadoo
  • The ride was awesome, they served drinks and snacks at our seats. Very smooth ride, new train.
    Mary Mills
  • Everything went 100% according to plan. Thanks very much.
    Beth Schmidt
  • Very nice trip. Confort and secure.
  • Ok
    Daniel Narino
  • The trip was excellent from begining to end. Just in the exact time of departure and arrival. Very comfortable wagon. Good room for the lugagge Very beautiful landscapes.
    The cons: a bit difficult to get on the train with the lugagge, there was little food to choose.
    But on the whole a very good experience
    Monica y Daniel Bazzarini
  • While I don't have a lot of experience traveling by train, I found this to be relatively easy. The train left the station on time and arrived as expected. It was nice that they had an electronic board to let the passengers know as stations approached. It would have been nice if the tickets where in English as well as German, this would have saved me some difficulties. All in all it was a good experience.
    Daniel Dombrowski
  • One of the best train travelling experience I ever had, very comfortable
    Abdullah Abu Alhous
  • Outstanding
  • We reserved business class seats on this Railjet train and enjoyed the ride the whole way. Very comfortable seating and good food and drink service from the rail staff. Recommended.
  • Fabulous experience!!!
    Kathy Smith
  • It is excellent in all aspects. Only negative aspect was the difficulty in find out the business car - I asked in the station and was told it may be at beginning or end of the train. This is an uncertainty which creates a problem.
  • Cannot rate highly enough! Great train trip, great service. Loved it!
  • Nice trip. Comfortable train in business class. Food and drink service was okay.
  • Ease of booking, yes.
    Train experience, positive.
    Cliff Choy
  • Vraiment parfait
  • A very comfortable journey from Budapest to Prague. We didn't feel the long 6 to 7 hours journey at all.
    I was first apprehensive and worried about not being able to print the e-ticket at Budapest Station when I didn't receive the e-ticket via email from Ninja Rail. After several email exchanges with Rail Ninja staff they assured me and sent me all the booking details and instructions to be able to print the e-ticket at Budapest Station. I can now confirm it is straight forward to print the e-ticket from a machine at the station with the reference number provided by Ninja Rail.
    A. Dua
  • Not so easy to assess because this was a train rerouted (through Oetztal and Bludenz) because of maintenance work. Obviously I would have preferred a direct train and a longer night's sleep but don't consider it as major as some other, complaining, passengers did. Staff pleasant and helpful. Loved the very comprehensive food bag and really appreciate that you have chosen the people you have to pack them.
    Wendy Moore
  • Todo perfecto
  • Perfect trip

    Thank you
  • Very clean and comfortable seats . Smooth ride
  • Everything was excellent
    Lawrence Shelby
  • From Praga to Viena very good and service in train very good
  • Clean comfortable train.
    Frank Stewart
  • Excellent
    Paul Ortega
  • Really good and comfortable
  • Very pleasant experience. Smooth, comfortable ride. Good wifi , tasty, affordable meal. Departure and arrival right on time.
  • A very, very nice way to travel. So glad we booked this trip!
  • Very comfortable, clean , spacious and on time. A good experience
    Subh gursahani
  • I am satified with very good seat, ontime schedule.
    Sungmin Ahn
  • Very good service
    Fiona Estrada
  • Very spacious and comfortable, with padded assigned seats. I recommend a table seat for added comfort
  • Train ride was good. We really appreciated that the attendant in our cabin (first class) lifted our suitcase on and put it up on the rack above our seats. We were disappointed that the restaurant ran out of food before we were able to buy lunch.
  • Great fun to experience the night train. Kids enjoyed it. We had a couchette for four, not much room but I guess you are just using it to sleep
  • Good trip, gastos anda comfortable
    Roberto Daniel Lodillinsky
  • It was a great ride, on time, clean and great service!
  • Excellent
    Guillermo Villa
  • No problems, everything went smoothly!
    Douglas Seymour
  • Good Staff and Good experience. i communicated with professional people who make sure that my tickets are well reserved.
  • Horario de salida y llegada muy puntual, tren cómodo y con servicio de snack a bordo (adicional) muy buena experiencia¡
  • Very comfortable and efficient! A great way to travel!
  • Good trip but it was too hot inside the Wagon .The low air conditioning was not enough
    Roberto Daniel Lodillinsky
  • Conductor at first refused to honor the Rail Ninja ticket which cost almost $200 for two of us riding first class. Very stressful. Also the car was not very high-end.
  • Great communication. Clear instructions and seamless experience that matched the communication. .
    Andrew Flint
  • Rail Ninja was easy to use and very convenient. I also appreciate how they take the extra steps to make things secure (extra confirmation codes). Would definitely use this again in future for bookings.
    Richard Seto
  • Excellent experience except for finding help to get on the train with our 4 bags and find the right car and seats.
    Dan Binz
  • Wonderful and on time schedule of trip from Vienna to Prague. We had a group of 9 travelers and luggage was a problem. Just no where to store heavy bags.
    Howard Hackney
  • Great service, clean, on time and very comfortable and affordable
  • Great customer service
    On time and very clean
    Suzanne Byrnes
  • Very good!
    Neil Pagcaliwangan
  • Muy buena
  • A very pleasant ride. Free WiFi is awesome. Bathroom was clean. Overall a great ride.

    I wish the train station in Prague could post the platform number more than 5-10 minutes before the train arrives. It leads to anxiety. Platform information should be provided 30-60 minutes before the trip.
    Paul K.
  • It was a good experience. I would like the vegetarian menu to be improved in the first class
    Niaz Ahmad
  • All went well. Comfortable seating and very clean. Staff most attentive.
    Frances Martin
  • Train was very comfortable, service was good, toilets clean.
    Only hiccup was trying to get our boarding pass printed at Budapest station as the ticket office was not open until 8 and our train left at 740! So security had to find a key to open the ticket office!! A bit hair raising to say the least. Scenery was only interesting once we left Vienna. Its a long journey...take a book and relax!
    Roleen Hunter
  • Very good service
    Carlos Seara
  • Great service, comfortable seats,on schedule.
    Doug Campbell
  • Excellent, train Kent on time but arrived a it late. We were fortunate that it was not full as we could put our suitcases in the seat in freon of us.

    Easy pick up of our e-ticket.
    Stephanie Lane
  • Nice seats good services Quiet train
    George Chism
  • Great experiencie
  • I’ve now used your service twice when travelling in Europe. Each time it was easy as painless. Any queries were answered clearly and promptly. I will continue to use you and would recommend that others also do so.
    Tim Burrows
  • Very easy and comfortable trip. Highly recommend it. It was much easier than flying . Would do it again.
  • Nice ride combined with good service.
    Martin Breidsprecher
  • Comfortable. Fast.
    Edward Burek
  • The train ride was awesome. Our family decided to go in first class to enjoy the scenery. The train had plugs and a restaurant service which made it even more convenient. Would definitely ride with them again. My only tip would be to get to the train station early to have time to figure out the platform since sometimes it's not printed and to make sure you have enough time to board the train and settle down.
    Alejandra Garcia
  • Great service in business class...
    Mary Wallace
  • The trip was great. Very comfortable....easy....enjoyed the scenery. Wish we had it this great in the USA (i'm from Miami). BRAVO!
    Stephen Zdzinski
  • The original reservation was not confirmed but the customer support was helpful and responsive in contacting me in a timely manner to get the problem solved.
    Jingyi Zhu
  • THANK YOU for having access to business class versus all the other sites!
    That was the NICEST most LUXURIOUS train experience in my life!
    With waiters bringing you included drinks! The Austrian trains are super modern and clean! The seats were AWESOME! (got pics if you want!) but spoiled us for any other train ride though! (see review of Hungarian 1950's ex-commie coach!!)
    E Huebinger
  • Very comfortable
  • It was great! The train was very clean and well maintained. Ticket purchase was seamless. I recommend it highly
    Lorraine Mull
  • Our seats were comfortable with lots of space for our luggage. The service was great and the train was on time. We would take this route again.
  • Really nice and fast. Will book again for sure
    Tuyen Lam
  • Too crowded
    Timothy thomas
  • Ordering tickets was fine. The train experience itself was not good. We had business class seats and people sat in the isle . We have pictures, was bad.
  • What a wonderful way to travel. Highly recommend the extra to go business.
  • Excelent service
    Roa, lionel
  • We enjoyed the train from Prague to Vienna and can recommend it.
  • Nice trip
  • The on board service was good and the train was clean but the seats in first class were not comfortable - no lumber support and poor head support. On an international 6 hour journey I think one should be able to adjust the incline of the back of ones seat. The overall feeling I had was that it was an old coach and quite basic
    Beverley Till
  • Whilst the trip was comfortable and efficiently on time with good communication we would like to make the following comments.

    1. Empty coffee cups and debris from previous passengers had not been cleared when we boarded the train. Not what one would expect from First Class.

    2. 2 people travelling together should be, we feel, afforded the opportunity to sit in seats where conversation is possible and not across the aisle from each other.

    3. The catering department is obviously not in touch with the requirements of its consumers. It had run out of sandwiches, tortillas and also of the white wine chosen. Several passengers in our compartment were not happy with this.

    On the whole however it was a pleasant trip.
  • Train was on time and comfortable. We only went from Budapest to Vienna, . We thought it was a direct train but there were numerous stops at other stations. Still recommend as a great way to travel.
  • Clean and comfortable. Internet a bit slow and patchy but what can one expect when traveling across countries in a train. Beer purchased from restaurant car was not cold.
  • The trail trip was fantastic. The finding and securing our seat was a mess. We were told that the printed documents we had were not the tickets and were told to go and get tickets. By the time we got into First class there were no seats left and we had to sit in a different section.
    Robert Mills
  • We travelled from Vienna to Prague on June 24. The train departed at 11:10 and arrived at 15:10. The service was excellent . we were satisfied.
    CHUN Yang
  • Excellent service, very fast, I will travel again thousands times
  • Excelente comodidad y limpieza de los diferentes vagones, una nota sobresaliente para la puntualidad.
    Gonzalo Asuero
  • Great service, very good train no meal as part of first class service (unlike other rail services)
  • The train is clean and it is on time.
  • Comfortable seats
  • Nice travel... the train was clean and confortable, even em second class!
    Christiane Oliveira
  • We used Rail Ninja for three legs of our vacation. Prague-Vienna-Munic-Prague. The service was easy and all our tickets were in order er. We printed our tickets which made the process easier on board. I would definitely use rail ninja again.
  • I enjoyed traveling from Vienna to Budapest on Rail Ninja high speed train
  • Very nice trip! Beautiful scenery Salzburg to Budapest!. Good coffee service!
  • Very simple and fast.
  • Not the best system onboard people totally confused when other people had booked and not been allocated a seat number and found them in their allocated seats. Total nightmare. Arguments all around. Not a great system.
  • Trouble-free travel. Rail Ninja is an extremely straight-forward and easy to use app. There is no reason to look elsewhere to get European train arrangents.
    Lan Yarbrough
  • Ok experience. Not as clean and nice as the Prague to Vienna route.
  • On time. Efficient.
    Luís Pogetti
  • Fantastic!! Thank you!
    Johanna de Beer
  • Clean train and was on time.
    John Hughes
  • We reserved an express train to Vienna. It never arrived; instead, we were told to take a local train and change to another train that put our arrival approximately, 90 minutes late in arriving Vienna. Otherwise, the trip was pleasant.
    Mario Alvarez
  • Wonderful experience. Trains were very comfortable and on time.
    Daniel Silverberg
  • Booking service easy and fast. Train on time
  • Muy buen servicio, experiencia muy buena
  • We loved the Railjet from Vienna to Venice. The scenery through the Alps was breath-taking. Our seats felt roomy and comfortable, the train rode smoothly and quietly, the staff dressed impeccably and served us with courtesy, the aisle food service was exceptional, and the food/drink choices cost less than the train station counter cafes. Aisles, entries, and restrooms were spotlessly clean. Overall, a wonderful experience--so much more enjoyable than a crowded, roaring airplane.
    Nancy Joyal
  • Very comfortable experience on the Jet Train! Quiet, comfortable, new cars, and good lunch service.
  • (Y)
  • Very well services!!!!
    Fernando Sargiotto
  • Was a smooth, comfortable trip. Arriving on time. Snacks available on board. Nice and clean!
  • Puntuality, cleaness and confort are excellent
    Beatriz Avila
  • it was great, thank you
    LASZLO balent
  • Train Prague to Vienna all went smoothly nice train😀
    Lisa sayers
  • Easy. Enjoyable.
    Jonathan Boynton
  • Clean, fast, great service from our steward. Highly recommend.
    Mike M
  • It was good experience
    Very clean fast good service
    Hye kim
  • El tren, los asientos, la puntualidad excelentes. Lo unico que estaba escaso fue el suministro de alimentos.
  • Train was clean, fast and quiet. Not having ever Been on it though we were unaware of rules such as needing to stow luggage in a specific location and that drinks we’re free of charge. Would have been nice to be aware of that.
  • Un viaje excelente
    Guillermo Mateo
  • A very nice experience in the first molasses reserved carriage. Beautiful seating and really nice service from the waiters for drinks and food
  • Very good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Lun Wai chu
  • I found this company online and researched them to ensure their validity. I did pay an included upcharge over their costs of the rail tickets in Budapest, but I am glad I did. When I arrived, my tickets were valid without having to exchange them. Also, I looked at the ticket kiosks there and there was no English translations. There was no way I could have used them.
  • Good service. Seat allocation was not great as we were sharing a table with a family of two adults and a child, but we managed to find a couple of vacant seats. Overall it was a good experience.

    Michael Smith
  • Convenient, well maintained and attentive to needs or wants. Would highly recommend and will most certainly use again!
    Donnie Culler
  • 3 bathrooms on first class works only one,food service was good
  • The train was a little late arriving in Prague, but other than that it was an excellent experience.
    Jennifer Barrett
  • The train was a little late arriving to Prague, but other than that it was an excellent experience.
    Jennifer Barrett
  • Good service, great trip.
  • Excellent. On time. Easy booking
  • Excelent
  • It was a great experience. Beautiful and comfortable 2nd Class. The only bad thing, was that it was delayed 40 minutes first and 20 minutes more before. To go up and down with luggage its not good, There is no place to stay upstairs. It was so cold because it was snowing. What a pitty!
  • Excellent trip. Empty carriage and great service.
    Also excellent service from Ninja
    John Richmond
  • Everything happened as planned. There was no problem at all.
  • Excelente. Salidas a horario y excelente atencion
    Daniel Barbieri
  • Everything went fine with the train ticket, but two details could be improved: it should be noted that the boarding would be with the printed voucher and that the train would not have Wi-Fi.
    Fernando Almeida
  • Excelent
  • On time, clean, good service. Business class was worth it!
  • It was a pleasant and comfortable trip.
    Laura Tellez
  • It was a great and comfortable train ride! Very good spacious carts.
    Difficulty putting the suitcases above at the top of the train though.
  • Great service.
    Allan Nation
  • Fantastic trip! The connections were reliable and the trip itself was comfortable and enjoyable. Definitely recommend RailNinja to anyone traveling out of Vienna.
  • Booked train in advance but wasn’t allocated a seat . Had to stand . Chaotic .
    Derek Anderson
  • Very easy, would definitely travel with his company again
  • Took the Railjet twice from Budapest to Vienna and from Vienna to Prague. Fast train, courteous staff, good food in the restaurant car.
    Robert Sawyer