Santa Claus Express | Helsinki - Rovaniemi Train

Exploring Finland is an unforgettable experience, but it can become even more magical, if you head to the untouched and magical Finnish Lapland. The overnight double-decker train, Santa Express, that travels from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Kemijarvi, is a perfect travel choice for those, wishing to immerse into a come-to-life fairytale.

Taking the Helsinki - Rovaniemi train to snow-covered Lapland, the official residence of the world-famous magician, Santa Claus, will become an experience of a lifetime for any traveler. The journey from the capital of Finland takes about 10 hours, and in the morning you’ll find yourself in the place of your childhood dreams, somewhere above the mysterious Arctic Circle. The so-called Santa Train, run by VR (Finnish Railways), features comfortable compartments and is equipped with all necessary facilities, including air conditioning, power sockets, luggage racks, and free WiFi. The train also has a sitting coach class, as well as a restaurant coach, where you can buy some snacks and beverages.

All in all, the Helsinki to Rovaniemi train is one of the most popular routes in Finland as such a trip gives the opportunity to pay a visit to Santa Claus and his loyal helpers, elves and reindeer, any time of the year. Plus, if you're lucky, you may gaze at the fantastic Northern Lights or the Midnight sun, yet this depends on the month of your trip.

Travel Classes Onboard Santa Claus Express Train

  • VR EKO/Econom class 1

Economy Class Seat

This type of coaches provides comfortable seats with a service table, power sockets, Wi-Fi connection, and a reading light available. The seating is arranged in three rows with the opportunity to select a single-seat if desired. There are compartments for your personal belongings and pet transportation can be arranged with an additional fee. Food can be purchased at a restaurant car on the train.

The carrier declares that it conducts a thorough sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of all common areas on its trains, including surfaces, seats, handles, windows, tables, luggage compartments, bathrooms and operator cabins.

Customer reviews

  • Simply the most magical journey in my life!
    Anna L.